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WhatsApp Polls & Surveys

No other apps needed
Available to anyone
Polls are held inside the world’s most popular messenger — WhatsApp
Polls are free for organizers and voters
No cheating
Driving up the numbers is impossible
All inside WhatsApp
No external apps or sites needed
Easy to use
Easy to use
  • Create a poll inside WhatsApp in 4 steps
  • Put up to 10 possible answer options
  • Make polls with multiple choices
  • Finish the poll when you need
  • Add +48 735 062 996 to your contacts as «Free Polls» for a quick access
Where can you run polls?

Resolve issues of housing and neighbourhood


Take part in your children’s life with other parents


Let the people vote who’s the boss in the family


Explore the audience during the speech


Decide where to spend the weekend

Frequently asked questions
📄 How do you create a poll on WhatsApp?

Send a word Create to a number wa.me/48735062996. Further you will have to follow 4 steps:

  • Enter the topic of your poll. For example: “Where should we go on the weekend?”
  • Specify the number of possible answers. Here you should send a numeral from 2 to 10.
  • Enter possible answers, one per message.
  • Specify if it is possible to vote for more than one answer.

Next you will get a message with the text of your poll, your answers and prefixes. Copy or forward it to your potential voters into WhatsApp group chats or personally. Thus the voters will get the link to the chat with your poll.

To copy a message with the poll, press and hold the message to select it — a menu will appear at the top. Press the right arrow icon and choose your group chat.

Mind that your current poll will be finished after you start a new one.

You can enter a chat with a poll and vote via the following link: wa.me/48735062996.

📢 How to vote on Whatsapp?

To vote a voter has to send a poll's prefix and a number of an answer to a WhatsApp number +48 735 062 996. This information can be found in the message sent to the voters by the poll's creator.

For example, if a poll was created with the prefix b, a voter should send b1, b2, b3, etc. to the specified WhatsApp number to vote for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd answer correspondingly.

You can enter a chat with a poll and vote via the following link: wa.me/48735062996.

💡 How do voters learn the topic and answer options?

1. If you HAVE contacts of the voters:

After a poll starts the creator gets a message with the question, it’s answers and prefixes. Then he or she forwards the message to voters personally or into group chats. The voters follow the link to the chat with the number +48 735 062 996.

2. If you DON’T HAVE contacts of the voters:

  • Show the number on the screen or report it verbally.
  • Place QR code with the link to the poll. You can download the image with QR code here.

After the poll is created the organiser will receive all information: question, answers and prefixes. Then he or she should inform the voters about it via group chat or personally.

You can enter the chat with the poll via the following link: wa.me/48735062996.

📲 How do you learn the results?

The poll's creator will get the report in WhatsApp after each new vote. All the participants will get the report after the poll is over or using Status command.

Why is it free?

Our main product is Chat2Desk. It is a chat center for business communications with customers. WhatsApp polls are based on Chat2Desk and demonstrate our technologies to a wide audience.

How to end the poll prematurely?

A poll lasts for 23 hours by default. But you can finish it earlier by the End command. Mind that a poll will be forcibly finished if you start a new one.

What can I configure?

You can configure 3 parameters when creating a new poll:

  • Poll topic
  • Possible answers
  • Possibility of multiple choice
How to see the phone numbers of the voters?

To see partially hidden phone numbers of the voters and their answers send Report command.

Can anybody drive up the votes?

No. We check the phone number of a voter, so anyone can vote only once.

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