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Briefly about the laboratory

Gemotest is one of the leading medical laboratories in Russia, receiving up to 5 million patients annually. The laboratory conducts tests for preventive examinations, hospitalizations and primary disease diagnostics. Recently, Gemotest has added the possibility of testing for coronavirus infection.


How often do we get a check-up? Once a year or even several years? As a rule, many of us go to the doctor only in extreme cases - when health problems begin to negatively affect our quality of life. In order to promptly make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment, doctors send patients to private laboratories for rapid testing.

In our situation, Gemotest is the same network of laboratories that thousands of people visit every day across the country. To get a test, the patient has to walk to the nearest department, stand in line, sign the appropriate paperwork and finally get tested. However, if the patient does not have time for this kind of routine, they can always make an appointment by phone. This is where the problems arise. Gemotest operators handle a huge number of calls every day. It is hard to imagine what kind of queue is lining up on the line wanting to order a diagnostic test. Long waiting times, the quality of communication and the language barrier are just a small part of the reasons why companies lose potential customers. However, Chat2Desk team managed to find an optimal solution to the problem.


In 2017, in order to reduce client waiting times, the lab implemented a chat centre and also connected WhatsApp and Viber. In the following years, the lab additionally connected Instagram*, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Online Chat.

As a result, clients were evenly distributed across all communication channels without forming a queue on the phone. This reduced the load on the contact centre, increased the speed of handling calls and clients left satisfied with the quality of service.


To increase the client base, the company has set up a widget with messengers and online chat. The user enters the website, clicks on the desired messenger in the corner of the screen, and then a dialogue window opens with a self-service menu. If a client's question goes beyond the suggested items, an employee joins the dialogue to promptly solve the client's problem.


Self-service menu

Gemotest has developed an interactive self-service menu. By messaging or online chat the customer can find out:

  • Opening hours: the user texts the address of the desired department into the chat, in reply he receives the laboratory's opening hours.
  • Cost: the user tells the operator the necessary tests, his/her age and location. The operator will calculate the cost for each individual case.
  • Results: the client does not need to go to the department to find out the results. The self-service menu will redirect to the personal office page, where the patient will receive the test results.
  • Home visits: if the patient cannot come to the laboratory in person, he/she can contact the doctor via messenger.

At the start of the dialogue, the client is notified of the agreement to process personal data via chat. This significantly speeds up the laboratory: there is no need to come to the department in person, just send the name, photo, description of symptoms and get a consultation or a referral from the doctor without leaving the messenger.

“Write first” option

The feature proved to be in demand for the Gemotest chat centre. A client forgot to pick up the test results or didn't come to the lab on the appointed day – the operator sends an information message that will warm up to the client.


Gemotest has set up templates for quick answers to standard client questions. Templates are ready-made text that an operator can insert when typing a message. When creating templates, use variables to make the text more personalised. A variable can be the client's name, order number, or delivery date. The operator sends a short command and the client receives an extended message in response. In this way, the employee can greet the client, ask for the address of the desired branch, and talk about discounts. Templates reduce the load on the contact centre and allow it to process more clients in less time.


When the client base amounts to hundreds of thousands of patients, remembering which stage of the funnel each one is at is simply impossible. That's when tags come to the rescue. Thanks to this feature, the lab has now segmented clients into groups. Now operators do not need to go into every chat room and reread the correspondence with the client in order to get up to speed. Tags make it clear who needs to be called, who needs to be pressed to sell, who the deal is closed with.

Internal comments

One of the most important features for an effective contact centre. If a client has asked a difficult question, the lab operators can solve it together. The patient will not see the internal dialogue in this case. In addition to the operator, comments can also be left by the doctor, e.g. in cases where the client needs advice on the selection of tests.


Scripts are an algorithm for performing tasks automatically. The lab has taken advantage of this feature to reduce the workload on the operators. Let us take a look at some of the situations that can trigger a script:

● Limit the number of open chats;

● Chat transfer to a certain operator;

● Chatbot does not react to an incoming message from a client.

The script is prescribed by the developers of the company in section Settings > Scripts or fulfilled by Chat2Desk service on client request.

Aggregated statistics

In order to improve service quality and increase client loyalty to the service, the laboratory has enabled aggregate statistics. It allows you to track incoming traffic by messengers, speed and reaction of operators, also collects and analyzes quality scores of operators. Thus, the reports help not only to gather feedback from patients, but also to stimulate the work of the contact centre.

What has Gemotest Labs achieved by incorporating messengers?

By connecting messengers, the laboratory achieved the following results:

● The number of calls to messengers more than doubled over the year.

● WhatsApp turned out to be the most popular messenger.

● The speed of service has increased.

● Clients were evenly distributed across all communication channels, with no queues on the line.

Summing up

Gemotest Laboratory has changed the approach to communication between the medical facility and the patient. Previously, one had to hang on the phone and wait in line at the call centre to make an appointment, but now it is enough to go to messenger, where the doctor will help with the selection of the desired analysis, and the operator will answer your questions. Communication has become easier and quicker, which means that the client is more likely to come here again.

Do you have a problem, but don't know how to solve it? Contact us via the widget in the corner of your screen and we'll find a bespoke solution for your business.

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