Customer care, chatbots & helpdesk Facebook and other messengers.

Demo videos

A quick introduction of Chat Helpdesk.

Make messengers work for your business

Booking via messengers

Beauty shops, e-commerce, service stations, taxi stations, medical clinics, fitness centers and so on.

Customer care via messengers

Engineering, computer, logistic, insurance and other support and care of clients via messengers and more.

Notifications via messengers

Notifications via messengers

Shopping advice via messengers

Shopping advice via messengers

Widget on your site

Widget with WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, Facebook, VK, Live chat, Skype, Twitter and SMS.
Test our own widget at the corner of the screen.

Chat bots and macros

Bots are scripts of automatic answers to clients requests.

Customer info-system, testing of vacancy candidates, questionnaires, finding nearest object by geo-location, user balance info, cargo location and more.

Macros allow to automate messages processing inside our service Chat2Desk.

Filters by keywords (bank cards numbers, spam, abuse), clients routing to specified groups of operators taking into account their utilisation and more.

Our clients


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Chat Helpdesk features

Сlient self-service menu (like IVR)

Custom chatbots and macros for automation.

API for integration with your systems. See manual.

Mobile app - just start our Telegram-bot C2d_bot.

Personal autoasnwer to client

Analitics on time of reaction and time of processing client`s request.

Widget on site with messengers and live chat.

Support of your current messenger accounts.

Smart templates for quick answers.

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