Messengers aggregation platform

Omnichannel communicating platform using chat-bots with WhatsApp™ Business API, Instagram™, Viber™, Telegram™, Facebook™ Messenger & Online Chat.

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New customers

Quick capture and conversion of leads using chat bots


Replacement or addition to your call center

Sales tunnel

Chains of trigger messages

Demo access

Here messengers acquire meaning

Chat vs Call?

Reach your clients where they spend most of their time. Customers prefer to communicate through their usual channels

Rich Communication

Let customers express themselves with images, text and voice messages

Step to the future

72% of users check their favourite chat app everyday. Do not force them to call you or send e-mail

Cost Effective

New communication channel — new source of income

One Inbox

All communications in one window — easy to monitor, track statistics, increase efficiency

Brand yourself

When you communicate, clients see your logo and company name

Functionality of Chat2Desk

  • Features overview – watch video
  • Client self-service menu (like IVR) – watch video
  • Custom chat bots and macros for automation
  • API for integration with your systems. See (manual)
  • Integration with AmoCRM and Bitrix24. You can start dialog first from your CRM
  • Developers starting guide (Download)
  • Analytics on the reaction time of the operator and the processing time of the application
  • Widget on the site for instant messengers (video-demo) and online-chat (video-demo)
  • Smart templatres for quick answers

Widget for your site

Quick and easy. Contact us using widget in the corner of the screen

Chat-bots and scripts

Chat-bot — program of automatic responses to users' queries by keywords

User-friendly constructor, creating custom bots

Scripts – are built-in mechanisms for automating work with chat events

Keyword filter (credit cards numbers, spam), asigning clients to groups of operators, ranking operators by the level of their busyness, etc.

You are in a good company