Sales in chats

Use chatbots, sales funnels, and artificial intelligence to increase sales in chats and messengers.

How to Attract Customers to WhatsApp Using Links and QR Codes
Vsevolod Kustenko on 26.11.2020

Powerful functions of WhatsApp Business API will not work on their own. In order to prevent this tool from useless idling, it is important that customers are familiarized with the new communication channel. This Article proposes seven ways of how to transfer requests to online space and to forget about such an issue as lost customers.

Artificial Intelligence for Business: Myths and Reality
Dilara Mamedova on 30.04.2020

"Computers take over the world", "Virtual mind steals workplaces"... Artificial intelligence is not yet a fully understandable technology, and therefore it gives rise to a lot of myths and speculations. So, before implementing AI in your business (or even evaluating its capabilities), you should figure out the truth yourself.

7 ways to increase sales via messengers
Dilara Mamedova on 27.04.2020

Higher profits do not always depend on a higher number of orders. Chances are, you have enough of them now, but the managers process them poorly. We will show how to improve the situation with the help of messengers.

Why a chat widget is a must-have for your website
Dilara Mamedova on 01.10.2019

"Leave a phone number and we'll call you back," we see this phrase on every other site. But here is a problem: clients don't call anymore, they text. It's time to follow them and install a chat widget.

What’s a messenger funnel and how does it operate
Dilara Mamedova on 04.06.2019

Instead of doing the same routine over and over again, a marketer can automate the process and go eat a bagel.

Automated chat center in banking
Dilara Mamedova on 27.05.2019

Having an account blocked by a bank while being on vacation is hardly anybody’s dream holiday. So in case it happens it’s nice to be able to solve the problem remotely.

How messengers solved the abandoned cart problem
on 08.04.2019

Three fourths of internet customers leave products in the cart and never finish the payment*. Clients leave the website, shops lose the profit. We renewed e-commerce concept and solved the abandoned cart problem by synchronizing product catalog with messengers. Let us walk you through each step.