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WhatsApp Business API

Add world’s most popular messenger to your chat center. No latency: the capacity of sent and received messages is up to 100 messages per second. 1000 incoming conversations per month for free!
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Combine advantages of WhatsApp Business API and Chat2Desk opportunities

Name and checkmark

Green checkmark and brand name* — a company name is displayed on a chat instead of a phone number
*Can be provided upon a request to WhatsApp Inc.
Work with WhatsApp via API

Message buttons

Add interactive message buttons to a message: the client will reply at a touch
Use the buttons as a quick answer or as a call to visit your website
Buttons in messages

Free WhatsApp Business API test

Try WhatsApp Business API as a customer and as an operator:
As a customer: take smartphone with WhatsApp on it and dial +7 (812) 385-75-20. The call will be reset and you’ll receive WhatsApp Business Card. This message will come via WhatsApp Business API.
As an operator: sign in Chat2Desk and request a free test.

Information messaging

Send messages with issue resolution status, ticket update, shipping update, etc. with an Open Rate over 40%
Contact us for guidance and learn how to use WhatsApp Business API efficiently
Bulk messages in WhatsApp Business API

Complete profile

Specify company info and the customers will always know who is texting them
WhatsApp Business API combines with all Chat2Desk features — contact us and we’ll customize a solution for you
Official business account in WhatsApp
Frequently Asked Questions
— ✅ How much does WhatsApp Business API cost?
  • Subscription fee when purchasing a package offer is €($)120/mo for the first account and € ($)105/mo for each additional account.
  • Dialogs with customers are charged by incoming and outgoing 24-hour sessions. Payment is linked to the Euro exchange rate on the day of charging and depends on the country in which your customer's phone number is registered. The current prices for dialogs are shown in this table.
  • New conversation categories are effective as of June 1, 2023. To register an HSM template, you now have to choose from three categories:
    • Utility conversations are conversations initiated by companies that customers have agreed to previously to process their requests or transactions. Such sessions will allow you to quickly provide the customer with information on their transactions – purchase notices, receipts, and invoices.
    • Authentication are business-initiated conversations for authenticating users with one-time codes, confirming accounts, or restoring them.
    • Marketing conversations Marketing are business-initiated conversations that customers have agreed to previously to get information about promotions, availability notifications, and more. Marketing would include any dialog that cannot be defined as “Utility” or “Authentication”.
    • The fourth category is service conversations, which applies to all the other conversations initiated by users. The main purpose of service conversations is to solve clients' questions.
  • The option “Green badge and name” costs €($)280 in a one-time payment. The option is charged after the actual receiving of the "Green badge and name" in WhatsApp LLC.
— 💰 Do you have discounts?
  • Get WhatsApp Business API at reduced price until June 30, 2024:
    If you connect new numbers which have not been connected to Chat2Desk previously
    • First number: €($)85/mo.
    • Additional number: €($)72/mo.
    If you connect current numbers, which have not been used as WhatsApp Business API numbers:
    • First number: €($)77/mo.
    • Additional number: €($)64/month.
— What is a deposit?
  • A deposit is a sum of money on your account. It is used to pay for incoming and outgoing WhatsApp Business API conversations.
— How large should be the deposit?
  • There should be at least €($)55 on your deposit. Please, keep up with payments. If you run out of money, you will not be able to send messages.
— How to make a deposit?
  • Text us via any messenger and enter 612 (accounting) in the self-service menu. Or call us at +7 (812) 214-01-26 (ext. 3).
— How do I know the line of deposit?
  • Open Settings > Accounts and channels, select a channel with WhatsApp Business API and click on the pencil icon.
— Is the deposit renewable for the next month?
  • The deposit is not tied to a calendar. Unspent funds are carried over to the next month.
— What are the benefits of a verified account?
  • Client will see company name on the chat instead of a phone number, even if he/she hasn’t added the number to the address book.
  • The green checkmark and a brand name help to make clients more loyal.
— How can a company get a verification checkmark and a brand name?
  • A green checkmark and a brand name are granted by WhatsApp Inc. at their discretion — as a rule, only large companies can count on them. However, any business can apply for a verification.
— Can I use WhatsApp Business API without a verification checkmark and a brand name?
  • Yes, even if your account was not verified, you can communicate with clients, use HSM templates, as well as add address, site, and working hours to your account information.
— How do I get my WhatsApp Business API account verified?
  • Text us via the widget in the corner of the screen.
Mass messaging
— 📩 Can I do mass messaging via WhatsApp Business API?
  • WhatsApp Inc. allows you to send messages to clients who have given explicit written or verbal consent to receiving them. However, you can start the conversation with an approved HSM template only. If a client has responded to such a template, you can communicate with him or her within 24 hours of their response. After 24 hoursyou can only continue the dialogue using one of the approved HSM templates.
— What response rate can I expect when sending messages over WhatsApp?
  • According to our data, an average of 40% of clients respond to the message.
Message templates
— 💬 What is a message template (HSM)?
  • WhatsApp Inc. controls the text of messages that can be used to start a conversation with a client (Text First feature) or to continue a dialogue after 24 hours since the client’s last message. This message must contain a pre-approved template (HSM), and the fee is charged for every message of this kind (see Prices).
— What information can I add to the HSM template?
  • HSM template can contain client’s name, operator name, order number, amount of money, images, files, and buttons.
— How are the templates moderated?
  • All templates are pre-approved by WhatsApp Inc. and must match the approved categories: Authentication, Utility, or Marketing.
— How long does it take to approve the templates?
  • Template moderation takes up to 2 weeks. WhatsApp Inc. does not specify any particular time frame and keeps the right to reject templates during moderation.
Other questions
— What are the benefits of WhatsApp Business API?
  • Messages are delivered and received instantly.
  • Unlimited capacity.
  • Message status information (sent, delivered, read).
  • Advanced information about your company in the account info (address, site, working hours, etc.).
  • All Chat2Desk features are available, such as: operator groups, artificial intelligence, self-service menu, chat bots, tags, quality evaluation, scripts, analytics, web analytics, etc.
— What is a 24-hour window?
  • A 24-hour window is a period during which you can communicate with a client free of charge using free-form messages rather than templates. The window opens under the following situations:
    • the client has written to your company on his/her own;
    • the client replied to an HSM-template sent by you.
  • The window opens when the client sends you a message. 24 hours after the last message the window closes and can be opened again by any of the methods listed above. The frequency of sending templates is not regulated, however, you should keep in mind that if a client blocks your account, WhatsApp moderators may further disable your account as a source of spam.
— 📲 What phone number can I use to create a WhatsApp Business API account?
  • You can use any mobile, landline or virtual number that can receive a confirmation SMS or a call. For virtual numbers, you must disable the IVR menu while confirming your account.
— How can I connect?
  • Text us via the widget in the corner of the screen.
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