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"Leave a phone number and we'll call you back," – we see this phrase on every other website. But here is a problem: clients don't call companies anymore, they text. It's time to follow them and install a chat widget.

How does it work

A widget is a small software module that has a specific function. After you add it to your website code, it appears as an icon. When a user clicks on it, the menu pops up so a client can choose the most suitable app for further communication.

Chat widget is compatible with any messengers, including Viber, Facebook* Messenger, WhatsApp™, VK, Instagram*, Telegram, Live Chat, etc.

Your clients will love it

WhatsApp™ is the most downloaded app in the world, SensorTower says. Other messengers keep their positions high as well: you can find Facebook* Messenger and Instagram* among the top 5.

That's why the widget makes it possible to turn a huge number of users into clients. It becomes even more crucial if a significant part of your audience is millennials. According to Forbes research, they are more willing to communicate in a written form than by phone.

The widget collects leads

A nice marketing feature: users who text usually leave their contacts - such as phone numbers and email addresses. So you can (and should) use them for further communication: by including contacts to mailing lists, for contextual and targeted advertising, and for surveys.

Website widget for leads collecting

The widget saves money

Agents need salaries. The more requests clients send, the more operators it takes to respond to all of them, the higher expenses get.

Automation will help to reduce costs. The majority of messages are similar, which makes it possible to enable auto replies. Operators then will have time to deal with more difficult queries, and the response time will decrease without having to increase the staff.

Automate replies: use automated greetings, scripts that distribute the calls between operators based on the topic, and chatbots.

Automate your sales: use messenger scenarios. Such scenario is a pre-written script, which helps to warm up a client and gradually leads to a purchase. Combine it with a chatbot, and the conversation will be automatically modified according to client's replies.

Chat2Desk advantages

1. WhatsApp™ Business API connection. WatsApp is the most popular messenger worldwide.

2. Integration with Google Analytics. You will be able to track UTMs, URLs, user IDs and other data to improve your KPIs and user experience.

3. You don't have to give up the phone: we work not only with text messages, but with voice calls as well.

4. The widget is compatible with all browsers and website constructors.

Messenger widget for your website


Automotion sales. The widget provides current clients with the quick technical support and receives new orders. The self-service menu is used to separate new customers from others. People who have sent a request, receive an automatic reply suggesting to choose the subject of the query. Some of the clients eventually are redirected to a chat-bot, which is responsible for technical support, while potential buyers are routed to the sales department.

Beauty industry. In this case, clients quickly make appointments for services via the widget – there is no need to wait for the call-center operator's response. The chat bot is always ready to advise on services, and in case of a complaint, the dialogue will be automatically redirected to a quality service agent.

An online school hosting webinars. In this situation, the widget can be used at any point of a client communication, whether it is a an initial consultation, a messenger funnel that sells courses, or notifications to remind that a webinar is about to begin.

Test a widget from a client’s point of view

Join all required messengers in a widget and contact your audience. This is convenient – texts us via Chat2Desk widget and see it for yourself.

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