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Programs can consult clients and sell goods not worse than real people. Optimize your workflow and process more request with less employees. Chat2Desk reveals 3 ways to automate client communication.

1. Auto replies

Auto replies are pre-written messages that client receives after sending the first message, closing the chat and performing other actions. The instrument works well together with self-service menu.

Auto replies can be personalized by using variables. For example, you can call every client by the name and set different greetings for different times of the day.

Useful for:

  • helping support and sales agents;
  • webinar and workshop registration;
  • interviews and surveys.

How to configure

The feature is free for all Chat2Desk clients and can be configured at Settings > General.


Client sends a message to the company for the first time, asking for details about a product. In a few seconds he or she receives a reply with a greeting, some company info and approximate waiting time. Knowing this, the client won’t leave for competitors.

2. Scripts

They automate chat actions. In a way scripts deepen what auto replies do, but they also can act certain way upon certain conditions.

Useful for:

  • workload optimization for operators;
  • sending auto replies not only after certain actions take place, but also after key words are detected;
  • sorting users by different channels according to the topic of a request.

How to configure

The feature is free for all Chat2Desk clients and can be configured at  Settings > Scripts. Choose actions that trigger the script and paste the script to the corresponding field. The code can be written by your developers Chat2Desk can help to configure scripts as well.


An online store customer asks how much the refrigerator costs. Script analyses the request, detects key words, defines the exact model and responds with the price. And since the system processes typical requests, operators get more time to answer more difficult questions.

Another case: 2 clients send their requests to the chat center. First one is interested in learning more about product features, while the other one complains that the device he bought stopped working. Scripts will analyze both situations and will automatically send the requests to different operators, thus reducing the request processing time.

3. Chat bot

Chat bot is a program which analyses incoming messages and, when detecting key words, performs certain actions. In some cases, chat bot can even replace the operator.

Useful for:

  • implementing game mechanics in marketing;
  • helping to process files, for example, to extract info from jpeg images or convert jpeg to pdf;
  • connecting external message handlers;
  • creating invoices and getting/sending closing documents;
  • communication automation.

How to configure

Create a chat bot yourself over our chat bot builder or order a turn-key configuration at Chat2Desk. The feature is activated separately.


Chat bot that collects marketing statistics. Create a poll which will be automatically sent to clients after the dialogue was closed.

Sales chat bot. After a client orders delivery, the program asks the questions about the date, address, etc., and collects all data in a lead form, that will help operator to quickly close the deal.

Can I use all 3 instruments at the same time?

Auto replies, scripts and chat bots work together perfectly, because they operate on different levels and are configured separately. So choose the ones you need, combine them, and may the force of omnichannel be with you.

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