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How to Optimize eCommerce Sales on Instagram
Dilara Mamedova on 24.10.2019

Processing business inquiries on Instagram using your smartphone is ancient history. It is time to leave the stone age behind and create a chat center where comments and Direct messages are processed in a single window.

Why a chat widget is a must-have for your website
Dilara Mamedova on 01.10.2019

"Leave a phone number and we'll call you back," we see this phrase on every other site. But here is a problem: clients don't call anymore, they text. It's time to follow them and install a chat widget.

Chat-bot: 5 tips for cost savings
Dilara Mamedova on 17.09.2019

Unlike operators, chat bots don't eat lunches, get sick or go on vacation. But they should be used not only for the sake of convenience. According to Chatbots Magazine, bots save up to 30% of service costs.

User manuals: chat bot configuration
Dilara Mamedova on 19.06.2019

Learn how to configure a chat bot for any messenger.

Advantages of the omnichannel strategy
Dilara Mamedova on 18.06.2019

You can hardly imagine shopping without a mobile phone nowadays. And if clients cannot contact your company the way they want to, i.e. text in Facebook and Viber or make an actual phone call, you lose them. Omnichannel strategy is no longer a trend, it is a necessity.

Chat bots: three automation levels at Chat2Desk
Dilara Mamedova on 12.06.2019

Programs can consult clients and sell goods not worse than real people. Optimize your workflow and process more request with less employees. Chat2Desk reveals 3 ways to automate client communication.