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You can use scripts if you want to expand the functionality of Chat2Desk, or change the way some functions work. In this article you will see the main principles of scripts and which of them are already in use.

Python scripts expand the capabilities of Chat2Desk. This module costs $25/mo and gives you an opportunity to create scripts yourself or with the help of your developers. Script editor is located in the Settings > Scripts.

Here you can find the cases we have already developed. You can implement them with necessary modifications.


1. WhatsApp Business Card.

After a client calls your company, the script sends him or her a preset WhatsApp message. This business card can contain thanks for the call, manager's contacts, recording and text content of the call (transcription is charged extra).

You can send messages to the client in different cases. For example, after making a request on the website (with a cell phone number), when your manager makes an outgoing call to the client, when the order status is changed, etc.

Call us at +7 (812) 385-75-20 to test a WhatsApp Business Card. The call will be hung up and you will get a message.

The cost of installation and setup: $130 (basic functionality).

Required features: WhatsApp, “Text first” & Scripts

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2. Chats assignment fine-tuning

In Chat2Desk you can assign chats to operators according to their workload or skills. It allows you to configure the rules of chat assignment to operators. If the basic settings are not enough, scripts can help to implement almost any scenario.

  • When a client contacts, the script sends a request to your CRM system or database about the manager assigned to this client. If the manager is online, the script assigns the chat to him. If not, the script looks for a replacement.
  • When a client contacts, the script asks your CRM or database parameters of this client (status, segment, etc.). Depending on them, the chat is assigned to a particular group of operators.

Installation and setup costs: from $520.

Required features: Scripts

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3. Marketing promotions with QR codes and cheques

You can use scripts to run promotions involving QR codes. For example, your customers send you their cheques and the script checks them with the Revenue Service. After that the script notifies the client about their participation in the promotion. Then the script randomly chooses a winner and sends him and you a notification. You can store the client base in a Google Sheets or in your database.

Installation and setup cost: from $1300

Required features: Scripts

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4. Notifications about certain events

You can force the system to do a certain action in case of a specific event.

For example: the system can notify a manager if there is a message from a VIP-client. Also it can create a request in the CRM, if the message contains any specific words.

You can also assign a chat with a customer to a group of operators, assign a tag, start a scenario, and perform other actions.

Installation and setup costs: from $130

Required features: Scripts

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5. Integration with Calltouch

When a new request from a customer comes in, the script creates a request in Calltouch with all the marketing information.

Setup and configuration costs: $130

Required features: Scripts. Calltouch is purchased separately.

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6. Transferring dialogs into the database

After closing a customer request, all correspondence from the request is saved in your database.

Setup and installation costs: starting from $400

Required features: Scripts

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7. Reading and collecting of housing and communal services readings

The client sends the data of utility meters. The script checks it and transmits it to your server. You can integrate the script into your self-service menu as one of its items.

Installation and setup costs: starting from $2500

Required features: Scripts

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N.B. We can't guarantee that the stated functionality will work in your specific conditions. The feasibility and cost depend on your terms of reference and may require additional options.

Here are not all possible scenarios. Contact us via the form below and we'll offer a solution for your specific task.

Часто задаваемые вопросы
🧑🏻 💻 What language is used for scripts?

Scripts are written in Python 2.7 only. You can find the manual for developers on how to write scripts in the section Help → Scripts.

💲 What is included in the price?

The specified price includes only installation and implementation of the script. If it requires additional options, they are paid separately. For example, the WhatsApp Business Card requires a WhatsApp Business API number and HSM templates.

🔧 Can I improve the script in the future?

You can make changes to the script on your own or ask us for help. The price will correspond to the difficulty of the script.