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How to use chatbots in business to reduce costs? Chatbots for WhatsApp™, Viber™, Telegram™. Bot constructors instead of programming.

How messengers can help to upgrade a sales funnel
Dilara Mamedova on 12.01.2020

The term "sales funnel" has been invented by Elias St. Elmo Lewis. Little did he knew that 100 years later the messengers will fit perfectly into his concept. We do know that, and so we present you some ideas for increasing the conversion.

Top 10 useful Chat2Desk features
Dilara Mamedova on 24.12.2019

If you think that the functionality of a chat center is limited to receiving messages from clients and responding to them, you miss tons of opportunities. Here are some tips on what Chat2Desk features you should consider using and why.

A single chatbot for all messengers. Advantages of omnichannel for business process automation
Dilara Mamedova on 18.12.2019

Omnichannel and chatbots are made for each other. Combined, they provide clients with what they expects from communicating with the brand: comfort and efficiency. Let's find out why business needs it and how to make your chatbot work.

Chat-bot: 5 tips for cost savings
Dilara Mamedova on 17.09.2019

Unlike operators, chat bots don't eat lunches, get sick or go on vacation. But they should be used not only for the sake of convenience. According to Chatbots Magazine, bots save up to 30% of service costs.

Chat bots: three automation levels at Chat2Desk
Dilara Mamedova on 12.06.2019

Programs can consult clients and sell goods not worse than real people. Optimize your workflow and process more request with less employees. Chat2Desk reveals 3 ways to automate client communication.

Automated chat center in banking
Dilara Mamedova on 27.05.2019

Having an account blocked by a bank while being on vacation is hardly anybody’s dream holiday. So in case it happens it’s nice to be able to solve the problem remotely.

5 reasons to integrate AI to messengers
Dilara Mamedova on 27.05.2019

A perfect help desk officer works round-the-clock, learns from his experience and can do without a paycheck. Chat2Desk found a fitting hard worker and is ready to implement it to your business. Get artificial intelligence to process the requests your clients send you.