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Which is better for business: call centre or chat centre? We have prepared a case study for Grow Food, which will help you make the right choice. Learn what problem the sales department and helpdesk of a popular service encountered and what solution Chat2Desk team offered.

What is Grow Food?

Grow Food is a delivery of ready-made nutritional meals in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Why is Grow Food so popular? They only work with certified suppliers, keep the kitchen clean 24/7, and deliver food free of charge in the afternoon and evening. In 2018, they had a turnover of RUB 1.1 billion, and in August 2019, the company was delivering 120,000 orders each month.


Let's imagine the situation. After the New Year holidays, Igor notices that he has put on weight. Without thinking too much, he signs up at the nearest fitness centre. Twice a week after work, he goes to the gym and works out according to a program designed by a trainer. Exercise is only the first step towards his goal. Every sportsman knows that, alongside sport, he must also eat right. Our character understands that this is the right approach, but he has no time for counting calories and cooking. In the evening, after another day at work, Igor finds Grow Food on the Internet. "This is just what I need," he thinks. Igor quickly dials the phone number. The answering machine on the other end asks him to wait for the operator. The wait drags on, the answering machine informs him that there are five more people in line before Igor. "Will it be like this every time I want to order?" - he thinks. Igor hangs up and continues his search, but for another service.

Grow Food has lost a potential customer in our story. The operators do not have time to process all the orders because of the heavy load on the phones. The situation is painfully familiar to many companies. So how do we solve the problem?


Chat2Desk has simplified communication between the customer and Grow Food. The company connected WhatsApp in 2017 and Telegram in 2018. Now, to place an order, all you have to do is go to the company's website and choose the method of communication: telephony or messengers. The fastest way to order is via WhatsApp and Telegram: operators handle several requests at once. Now customers do not have to wait for an answer. Moreover, when ordering again, the operators will already know what the customer wants. The correspondence will be saved, and the operators will quickly process the order. Grow Food has also added informational messages – templates that notify the customer about the time of the order and current company promotions. This kind of trivia increases LTV.

Why is this convenient for the company?

The phone will no longer be ringing off the hook: all orders take place in chat. Since customers don't wait for an operator to be available, but move straight into a dialogue, the sales funnel is expanded. Each manager will be able to correspond with several customers simultaneously. Chat2Desk automation tools allow you to transfer part of the work to a chatbot that will answer frequently asked questions from customers. As soon as the user is ready to make an order, chatbot will transfer it to an operator. As a result chat center has time to process more appeals at a time, and consequently increase company's profit.

Why is it convenient for the customer?

The user goes to the Grow Food website and places an order. He/she calls on the phone, waits a few minutes and communicates with the operator. The next time he/she has to wait his/her turn again. The situation will repeat itself until the customer gets bored. Bottom line: too much time is spent, the customer is lost. In our case the user chooses to contact via WhatsApp or Telegram. The already familiar messenger window opens, where the user selects the desired item in the self-service menu, then the operator joins the chat and takes the order. Customers are happy with the fast service and the company is happy with the high conversion rate.


What Grow Food has achieved by incorporating messengers:

● 36,500 calls were received each month;

● 50% of inquiries came via Telegram;

● 1,900 people - monthly increase in customer base;

● from 4,500 to 25,000 people per month - this is how much the total customer base grew during the year.

If you are in the business of delivering food, groceries or any other goods, you know that not everyone can cope with a large flow of customers. The Grow Food case showed how, with the help of Chat2Desk, operators were able to take all the orders and bring in more revenue for the company. Chat2Desk helps to find the right strategy and individual solution for each new user. Contact us via the widget at the bottom of your screen to rebuild and scale your business.

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