Sales funnels

Use sales funnels in chats and messengers. Increase sales via WhatsApp™, Viber™, Facebook™.

A Customer in a Funnel — Complete Sales Funnel Setup Instructions
Dilara Mamedova on 20.11.2020

People love messengers. 65% of Millennials and Generation Z prefer messages rather than calls or e-mails. Business needs contemporary tools working in the new communication channel. That is why we have created sales funnels.

How messengers can help to upgrade a sales funnel
Dilara Mamedova on 12.01.2020

The term "sales funnel" has been invented by Elias St. Elmo Lewis. Little did he knew that 100 years later the messengers will fit perfectly into his concept. We do know that, and so we present you some ideas for increasing the conversion.

Top 10 useful Chat2Desk features
Dilara Mamedova on 24.12.2019

If you think that the functionality of a chat center is limited to receiving messages from clients and responding to them, you miss tons of opportunities. Here are some tips on what Chat2Desk features you should consider using and why.

What’s a messenger funnel and how does it operate
Dilara Mamedova on 04.06.2019

Instead of doing the same routine over and over again, a marketer can automate the process and go eat a bagel.