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Chat2Desk updates: February 2021
Vsevolod Kustenko on 15.02.2021

A Customer in a Funnel — Complete Sales Funnel Setup Instructions
Dilara Mamedova on 20.11.2020

People love messengers. 65% of Millennials and Generation Z prefer messages rather than calls or e-mails. Business needs contemporary tools working in the new communication channel. That is why we have created sales funnels.

How to Automate HR Processes by Using Messengers
Polina Kudryashova on 19.11.2020

Advanced technologies would simplify staff recruitment in the next five years. It was stated by 81% of respondents in a study conducted by Kelly Services in 2015. The forecast has turned out to be correct. However, some companies prefer the old-fashioned way in 2020. They call their applicants and offer paper questionnaires. Chat2Desk has conducted its own study to understand how automation is going to help HR Departments in the coming years.

Chat2Desk updates: October 2020
Vsevolod Kustenko on 11.11.2020

Chat2Desk updates in October 2020.

Chat2Desk updates: June 2020
Vsevolod Kustenko on 02.07.2020

Artificial Intelligence for Business: Myths and Reality
Dilara Mamedova on 30.04.2020

"Computers take over the world", "Virtual mind steals workplaces"... Artificial intelligence is not yet a fully understandable technology, and therefore it gives rise to a lot of myths and speculations. So, before implementing AI in your business (or even evaluating its capabilities), you should figure out the truth yourself.