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How to get a chat to work?

When a new client contacts the company, his message gets to the section New Chats. Chat can be started manually and automatically.

Manual: in order to start a dialog, an administrator, supervisor or operator must click the Start chat button in the section Chats > New chat. Chat can be assigned forcibly: to do this, the administrator or the supervisor must click the Assign to... button in the New Chats section.

You can set up automatic chats in the Settings > General > Auto assignments section.

  • In automatic mode, chats can only be assigned to operators who are online.
  • The option Assign to the last operator of the given chat, if he assigns the chat to the operator who was the last to communicate with the given client - if he is online.
  • You can force new chats to be assigned to a specified operator or group of operators.
  • You can choose different settings to automatically assign chats to each channel.

To prevent chats from being assigned to employees who can't immediately respond to customers (for example, employees in the "Busy" or "Lunch" status), activate the option When automatically assigning chats, assign only online operators in the "Working" status. If the system cannot find a suitable operator, the chat will remain in the New chats section. If this option is not enabled, the chat will be assigned to an employee in the "Offline" status.

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