Customizing the widget and its behavior

Widget  is customized in the section Settings - Widget.

  • Channel (if your company has more than 1 channel) - select the channel the widget works through. Each channel can have individual widget with individual settings. 
  • Widget title 
  • Title font 
  • Margin for desktop-version (px) 
  • Show widget (everywhere/desktop only/mobile only)

  • Choose a place to view widget: desktop-version, mobile version

  • If compact view is on, the widget will be shown as one button. When clicked (tapped) the widget will be expanded in full view.The compact  view is convenient for displaying the widget in mobile form when there is not enough space on the screen. Select the icon to display the compact widget view and specify in which view the widget will be displayed compactly.

  • The section Widget - Messengers contains checkbox list. Here you can choose messengers that will show up on the widget. After that, all selected messenger icons will display in the corner of the widget one by one. Also, you can add  the Voice call button.
  • Phone number (tel:). Clicking on the button will run the system handler of voice calls, set up by the user. It can be Skype, Viber, etc.
  • Calling a URL in a new window (SIP telephony)
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