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Interface is not loading

If you are logged into your account, but the service interface is partially displayed or not displayed at all, try the following:

  1. Login to your personal Chat2Desk account via Incognito/Private mode. If the interface loads in this mode, clear your browser cache.
  1. Log in from another network with another Internet provider or through a mobile connection (by distributing Wi-Fi from a smartphone). If logging via another network is OK, you should contact your ISP's support for more details.
  1. Check the restrictions of your antivirus or firewall. If necessary, add *.chat2desk.com to exceptions.

If the above steps didn't help, contact our technical support and specify the following data:

  • what browser you use to login and what OS is installed;
  • login location (country) and IP-address (open https://2ip.io, take a screenshot of the page with IP-address and send it to us);
  • whether you use IP address changing services or proxy to connect to our service;
  • screenshots of the browser console (F12): 

- Сonsole tab (preferably in full);

- Network tab (enable sorting by Time and show everything in Pending status).

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