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What is operator status? How to change or check it?

Operators should indicate status, so the system will divide chats between users properly. In the section Settings-General-Status  only administrator can create variants of status («Busy», «Having a break», «Working» and etc.).

Operators is offline:

  • if they have any status, except «Working»;

  • if they log out;

  • if they are inactive. 

There are several ways to change the status:

  • user can change status by clicking on the avatar in the upper right corner;

  • administrator can change status in the section Settings-Operators;

  • the system can automatically change status of inactive user to offline. In the section Settings-Operators-When operator is considered “offline” need to enter a period of time from last activity of user to the moment when their status gets changed automatically;

  • the system can automatically change of user to «Working». To do this, you must activate the option  in the Settings > General section. If this option is enabled, users will always be set to «Working» status when they log in. If this option is disabled, when users logs in with an inactive status (for example, Busy or Vacation), their status will not change.

Current status of operators and supervisors is available only to administrators and supervisors, it can be checked in two ways:

  • in the section Settings-Operators;

  • in the section Chats-All chats click on the name of operator.
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