Operator evaluation

Quality scores lets to know how operators work and what clients think about your service or product. 

  1. How to create rating.

1.1. Click on the section Settings-Quality scores.

1.2. Write rating name.

1.3. Choose rating type (chat scoring or survey).

1.4. Activate checkbox (rating is active).

1.5. Choose tags and requests, which will cause this rating to appear. If you keep this field empty, all clients will receive this rating.

1.6. Choose tags and messages of clients which will be a stop-sign  to send a survey. 

1.7. Choose the channel for survey.

1.8. Write a text for rating.

1.9. Save your rating.

  1. How to create rating scores.

2.1. Choose rating.

2.2. Click on the button Create score.

2.3. Write name for your score.

2.4. Write your score.

2.5 Write possible values of this score (for example, 4+, 4- and etc.).

2.6. Write the message which a client will receive after voting.

2.7. Assign tag for a client request.

2.8. Save your score.

  1. Additional settings.

3.1. Limit pop up messages to rate the operator no more than every 12 hours.

3.2. If the option Hidden from operators is on, operators won’t see scores.

3.3. If the option Show average score per day to chat operator is on, operators will see their average scores per day. 

  1. Send polls and voting to customers based on the parameters of the selected rating (tags and channels) if necessary. Sending will be done in private client chats.
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