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How to add, delete or edit an operator?


In the section Settings-Operators you can add new operators and supervisors. 

There are two operator licensing type available: by the number of registered operators and by the number of authorized operators. The current license type and the number of available operators can be found in the same section.

Here you can:

  • Delete accounts of users, who don’t use Chat2Desk anymore. Their open dialogs will be automatically closed and transferred to the administrator.

  • Edit roles. For example, make operator a supervisor and the other way around.

  • View operator’s status and last seen time.

  • End the operator's or supervisor's session (the button is available only to the administrator).

After adding operator or superviser a new user gets letter with login and password of the account.

After registration the user receives e-mail confirmation code.

In table Operators by default records are sorted by Last name (ascending). Sorting is available for columns Last name, First name, Last log-in, as well as Role, Authorization status, New chats, Status.

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