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What additional settings are available for integration with amoCRM?


Without additional settings, the integration will work the following way:

When messages from new clients are received, they will be displayed in amoCRM in the unsorted. If there is already a contact with the same phone number or messenger ID in amoCRM, the new chat will be automatically assigned to it.

Creating a deal when a customer contacts you:

  • If you enable the option Create deal when a client applies for the first time, select the funnel and the funnel stage, in which a deal will be created when a client applies for the first time.

If the option is not activated, the client's requests will get to the section Unsorted.

  • If you enable options Create a deal at the repeated request of the client at the new request of the client, with which there are no open deals, a new deal with the parameters specified in the integration settings will be created in amoCRM.

If this option is disabled, the new request of a client will be bound to the contact card and will be displayed in all current transactions of this contact.

Information about the channel and the messenger:

  • If you enable option Specify channel name when creating a deal, a tag with the channel name in Chat2Desk from which the client's request came will be added to the deal.
  • When enabling the option Specify messenger when creating a deal, a tag with the messenger, from which the client has addressed to amoCRM, will be added to the deal.

Example of a deal with added tags:

Transfer of web analytics from Chat2Desk to amoCRM:

You can receive data on metrics such as Google_id, Yandex_id, Roistat_id, receive data on the URL from which the client's request came, and see the UTM tags of the request.

In order to activate the analytics data it is necessary:

  1.  Configure integration with amoCRM as described above.
  2. Connect web analytics in Chat2Desk account.
  • Go to Settings > Web-Analytics.
  • Enable the Web analytics is on slider and set the required metrics parameters if necessary.

  1. Create fields in your client card in amoCRM to record data.
  • Click Customize in the transaction settings.

  •  Create fields in the transaction, necessary for recording the client's metrics.

  1. Configure the sending of metrics parameters in your Chat2Desk personal cabinet.
  • Go to Integration in your Chat2Desk account.
  • Tick the checkboxes against the parameters you want to send amoCRM and specify the appropriate fields for the transaction.
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