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How does chat center work?

  1. The client sends a message via WhatsApp Business API, Viber, Telegram, Facebook*, VKontakte, Instagram* or other messengers. If you have the appropriate options configured, the client will receive auto-response and invitation to use self-service menu after sending the first message.
  2. A customer message appears on the service website in the Chats - New Chats section. This section is visible by default to administrator, operators, and supervisors of the company.
  • Administrator is an operator with maximum rights
  • Superviser is an operator with expanded rights
  1. Operator who clicks on the button Start Chat, starts the dialog with the customer and further on leads the dialog until the end (automatic or manual) or until this chat is transferred to another operator.

Depends on messenger features, chat-center lets you communicate and share:

  • messages;
  • music;
  • videos;
  • location (geo-location).
  1. The section Chats - All Chats contains all chats of the company. These chats are visible by default to administrator and supervisors of the company. The section Chats - My Chats contains chats of particular operator.

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