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How to work with WhatsApp Business API templates?

WhatsApp Business API is a stable and convenient format for business interaction with customers or employees. If your company uses such an account instead of a personal numbered WhatsApp Business account, you will receive official permission from WhatsApp Inc. to send messages to customers first - however, there are a number of rules and restrictions to consider.

The first message to the customer must be a template (HSM). You can send messages with any text only if the client himself wrote to you first. After his last message you will have 24 hours to text back. In all other cases, communication should begin with HSM-templates, which are preliminarily agreed with WhatsApp Inc.

You can read more about WhatsApp Business API and features of using this type of connection on this page.

Features of WhatsApp Business API templates

After approval by WhatsApp Inc. HSM templates will be available in the Chat2Desk system.

  • Each HSM template has a name (Facebook* template name) assigned to it during registration.
  • HSM template may contain variable fields: e.g. client name, operator name, client request number, etc.


Dear customer! My name is {1}. Your reqiest №{2} has been reviewed and a positive decision has been made on it.

Here {1} and {2} are the variables of the fields: operator's name and request number respectively.

  • HSM-template can be presented in many languages. The language in which the client will receive this template can be specified when sent by the operator or selected automatically, depending on the language of WhatsApp application in the client's phone.
  • Sending HSM template at the first contact with the client or after 24 hours after the last message from the client is paid. Specify the cost and your WhatsApp Business API account provider.
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