How to work with Facebook tags?

Facebook prohibits sending messages from public pages after 24 hours from the last user's reply. Only certain types of messages marked with corresponding tags are allowed. 

Supported tags:

  • EVENT_UPDATE - for sending reminders or updated information on events to which the user is registered.
  • POST_PURCHASE_UPDATE - to send updates on user’s purchases.
  • ACCOUNT_UPDATE - to send notifications about changes in an application or user account.


To continue communicating with the user via Chat2Desk after 24 hours, add these tags to messages using the following markup:

  • @FB-tag<ACCOUNT_UPDATE>@ Message text
  • @FB-tag<POST_PURCHASE_UPDATE>@ Message text
  • @FB-tag<EVENT_UPDATE>@ Message text

Please note that tags should not be used to send promotional messages, including special offers, coupons and discounts. Misuse of tags may result in a ban on sending messages to the public page. 


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