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How to set up templates?

Templates are configured in the section Settings > Templates. To better navigate in the list, divide the templates into groups: for example, by topics of the client’s request or by stages of the sales funnel. Also you can set Rules for selecting templates - after a hyphen is typed or after any word is typed.

When creating a template, you can configure the following options:

  • Template group
  • Template command - a short set of symbols for a quick call of the template. 
  • Template name - the name by which you can quickly find the template in the list.
  • Text and Photo/PDF - text, photo or PDF document that the client will receive when using the template. In the text of the template you can use the variables %hello (greeting depending on the time of day) and %client (client's name) - detailed description of the variables is given in point 5.1 Auto Answers. 
  • Available. Templates can be personal and generic: in this field you can choose whether the template will be available only to you or to all operators. 

How many times have you used the template?

In Settings > Templates you can see how many times a template has been used in the last 30 days.


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