What are tags?

Tags are a way to mark and sort chats and requests.

There are two kinds of tags:

  1. Request tags: they are valid only within a single conversation within a chat.

Request tags looks like this:

At the beginning of the request a system message pops up. If you click on it, you can assign a tag to the request. The tags of the request are displayed in the list of chats only if the request with a tag was the last one! If you want to delete an appeal tag, you need to find the beginning of the necessary tag, click on it, and then you can delete this tag.

  1. Client tag works with the chat of the client in general. 

The client tag looks like this:

Select in Tags>Client's chat. Then assign a tag. The client tags are displayed in the list of chats.

To delete a tag in the client card, click on the cross next to the tag that you want to delete.

For more details, watch our video:


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