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Blacklist can be used to block unwanted clients, like spammers. Messages from blocked users will not be visible in chats. The block can be permanent or can be set for a specific period of time. 

To block a client, open the client card.

Then click Ban this client and specify the reason and expiration date of the blocking.

Setting up a Blacklist

The Blacklist can be adjusted in the Settings > Blacklist menu section.

  • Reply text to the client in the Black list - if this option is activated, the blocked client will receive the text specified below.
  • Add information about remaining time of the ban - if the option is activated, a message about the blocked client's expiry date will be added to the text above.

The lower part of the section contains a table with clients that are in the black list. Here you can see the history of the blocked clients, the reason why they were blacklisted, the author of the blocking and the expiration date of the blocking. Here you can also unlock the blocked client.

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