How to create mailing?

In the Mailings and Mass Operations menu item, you can mail to your current clients, as well as do operations with chats. Selection of clients for mailing or mass operations can be performed by the following criteria:

  • Customer or request tags;
  • Text in the fields of the client card, name, phone number (id) or comment on the client;
  • Client’s messenger;
  • Chat channel (account) with the client;
  • Date of the first request of the client;
  • The current operator of the chat with the client;
  • Limit the number (allows you to limit the number of affected chats);
  • Do not send to open (active) chats.

In the Calculation section, you can preliminarily calculate the number of chats selected as a result of a sample.

Text and Picture/PDF - specify the text, picture, or PDF document to be sent as part of the distribution.

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