Client info card

In the section Settings > General edit the fields in the client's card while chatting with him. These same fields can be filled in by the client himself when contacting via Online Chat.

The operator can edit each field in the client card by pressing an icon with a pencil. You can also display its data in the "header" of the chat, if this field is filled, by pressing an icon with an eye.

There are 2 types of fields in the client's card:

  • Plain text
  • Preset data (dropdown). The list of possible data is specified with a space.

The type of a field is set at its creation.

 To view or edit a client card, click the Client card icon in the chat.

The operator can specify the client's real name, comment, assign tags to the client, and fill in additional fields of the client card. You can do it inside the client card. If an operator manually indicates the client's name, it is highlighted in brown. To show the client's nickname or phone number again, you need to delete the client's name. In addition to the name and comment to the client, the card may contain additional fields.

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