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How to connect WhatsApp Business API?


  1. Filling out the provider application form
  2. Connection of Facebook* Business Account
  3. Creating and confirming a WhatsApp Business account
  4. Connecting to Chat2Desk


1. Filling out the provider application form

To connect WhatsApp Business API, go to Chat2Desk, open Settings > Accounts, click on the pencil icon and click Connect 360dialog.

After that, a form appears where you need to specify:

  • email address for contact and login to your personal account,
  • first and last name,
  • password to log in to your personal cabinet.

After that, click Sign up.

A one-time passcode will be sent to the specified email. Please enter it in the One time passcode field and click Submit.

2. Facebook* Business Account connection

After filling out the application form, the WhatsApp Business Account connection field will appear with the requirements. Check the first three boxes:

  • You have a personal Facebook* account.
  • The number, which you will be connecting, is not currently in use with another WhatsApp account.
  • You can verify your ownership of the number by receiving SMS or international phone calls.

If you already have a verified Facebook* Business account, check Optional section.

Then click Continue with Facebook.

A notification will appear that the WhatsApp Business account needs to access to your account information. Click Get Started.

3. Creating and confirming a WhatsApp Business account

Step 1 of 3. Creating a WhatsApp Business account.

On this page, select an existing Meta* Business Account or create a new one.

To create a new account, enter your business name, email, website, or social media link and select your country. After that, click Next.

Next, select your previously created WhatsApp Business account and profile, or create a new one. Then click Next.

Step 2 of 3. Create a WhatsApp Business profile.

In the window, fill in four necessary fields:

  • Account name – your account name. Your customers will not see this information.
  • Display name – the name your customers will see on your WhatsApp profile.
  • Timezone – time zone of your location.
  • Category – the category of your business.

Business description and website link are optional to fill in. Once you have entered the information, click Next.

Step 3 of 3. WhatsApp Business profile confirmation.

At last, provide your phone number and choose the type of verification, either SMS or call. After that, click Next.

Please note that if you already use the specified number via WhatsApp, an error will occur after clicking Next.

Enter the received code and click Next.

WhatsApp Business account is ready.

4. Connecting to Chat2Desk

After verification, wait for your WhatsApp number to finish connecting to 360dialog

If the provider's servers are overloaded, a notification will be displayed, and you will receive an email to your email as soon as the connection is complete.

Once the connection is complete, the Chat2Desk connection window will open. Select a number in the list and click Save Selection.

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