How to connect VKontakte?

  1.  Create a public page. Possible options:  

  • business;

  • thematic community;

  • brand or organization;

  • public page.

If the page already exists, make sure you have administrator rights. 

  1. Enable the ability to send messages to a group in Manage > Messages. Save the settings.

  1. Enable bot features in Manage > Messages > Bot settings. Save the settings.

  1. Create a key to work with the page by API in the Manage > Settings >  API usage.

When creating a key, all five items Allow...must be ticked. If necessary, confirm the action by SMS or via the device.

  1. Send to tech support via widget on the website:

  • a link to a public page;

  • page title;

  • the access key copied from the Manage > Settings > API usage > Access tokens.

  1. Configure API operation parameters. Go to the Manage > Settings > API > Callback API > Server Settings tab. Set the following values:

  1. Confirm the server. To do this, send the following lines copied from the Manage > Settings > API usage > Callback API to Technical Support:

  • POST request containing JSON;

  • the line that the server should return.

After receiving a response from the operator, click Confirm. Notify the support operator of the result.

  1. Go to the Manage > Settings > API usage > Callback API > Event Types tab. Tick the following points in Messages:

  • incoming messages;

  • outgoing messages;

  • permission to receive.

  1. Notify the operator that the instructions have been followed and wait for connection.

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