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How to connect Instagram* API?

  1. Before start you should:
  • register at Chat2Desk;
  • have a Facebook* account;
  • change type of your Instagram* account to Professional.

In order to change the type of Instagram* account, open Account type and tools (Android) or Business tools and controls (iOS) and choose Switch to Professional Account.


  1. Choose “Business” and connect it to your Facebook* public page/group. If you don’t have any, create one. Only the page administrator can link profile to a public page
  1. Allow access to messages at Settings&Privacy > Messages and story replies section. 

  2. Login to Chat2Desk as Administrator.

  3. Follow this link


  4. Facebook* will send a request for group and public page management rights. Select the checkboxes of the desired pages and click Continue.
  5. Facebook* will ask to select Instagram* profile. Select the checkboxes of the desired profiles and click Continue.
  6. Facebook* will show  necessary permissions/rights for connection. Click Save

  7. A consent window will open to allow access to the selected pages. Select a page from the drop-down list and press Submit.
  8. The connection confirmation window will be displayed. To finish connection contact our tech support via the widget and provide the following information:
  • Instagram* Business ID;
  • Instagram* Business Name;
  • Access token.

After connecting, you can enable comments in Settings > Accounts.


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