How to connect Facebook Messenger?

  1. Create a group or a Facebook public page or log in to an existing group or public page administrator account.

  1. In the same browser, log in to your Chat2Desk account with an administrator login.

  1. Follow this link. Sign in.

  1. Facebook will send a request for group and public page management rights. Select the checkboxes of the desired pages and click Next.


  1. Facebook will report a successful connection. Click OK, and the additional settings window will pop-up.

  1. A consent window will open to allow access to the selected pages. Select a page from the drop-down list and press Submit.

  1. The connection confirmation window will be displayed.
  1. Contact via the widget to tech support that you followed the instructions for connecting Facebook. Our operators will complete the connection.

    After connecting, you can include comments in Settings > Accounts.


At the moment comments are available in Beta mode: you can only send and receive text content of comments. Nested files and media content support will be implemented in the near future.

This functionality is included in the Facebook connection fee.

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