How to connect Email?


  1. Before you start setting up, you must:
  • be registered at the Chat2Desk;
  • connect an email to your account.

If you have not already done so, please register and text us in any messenger via a widget on the site.

  1. Log in to Chat2Desk as administrator. Go to Settings > Accounts and Channels, and tap the name of the desired channel.

3. Touch the pencil icon to the left of the email icon.

4. The Email Settings window opens. In the Signature section, you can specify an individual (top window) and a single (bottom window) automatic signature for company cameramen.

5. Go to the next Accounting data tab and fill in all fields:

  • specify the e-mail provider (if your provider is not in the list, specify the e-mail client settings);
  • enter your e-mail address:

  • in the section IMAP in the point IMAP over SSL settings section, select "true", then enter your e-mail login and password:
  • In the SMTP settings section, repeat the steps from the previous section, and then select OK:

6. Your e-mail account is connected.

In Settings > General, you can set a delay before sending the mail in seconds. During this time, you can modify its appearance.

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