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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I have connected services I did not connect?

The options could remain after the trial period. Text us to our Telegram bot to disconnect unnecessary options.

Why have I been debited?

Funds are debited for most options daily. You can view your connected options by texting us to our Telegram bot and sending number 24 to the chat.


Why do I see a payment notice?

It appears when your balance is below the warning threshold. We notify you so that you can pay in time and continue working with Chat2Desk. For more information, see the Company Balance article.


What is the warning (notification) threshold?

It is the balance value that actuates our payment notice when reached. For more information, see the Company Balance article.

What if my bill is incorrect?

The bill is issued based on the payment period selected, the options connected, and the discounts applied as of the bill date. If you think that the bill is incorrect, text us to our Telegram bot or email account@chat2desk.com.

I have recently paid for the bill, and a month has not yet passed. Why have I received a new bill?

You probably connected new options or actively used API. Therefore, the previous balance had expired before one month passed.

Can I change the warning threshold?

Yes, you can. Text us to our Telegram bot

Can I make my account unlockable?

An account cannot be fully unlockable. If you have been locked, you can use Trust Payment for a sum up to $200 for up to 10 days. In order to connect trust payment, text us to our Telegram bot.

How can I determine my next payment period?

We can bill you for a sum sufficient for a month or a longer period that is a multiple of months. For more information, see the Billing Process article.


How can I know my current company balance?

Your balance is available in the menu for your administrator account in the upper right corner of the Chat2Desk interface. For more information, see the Company Balance article.


Why cannot you send a bill and a certificate to me?

The reporting period for a certificate is a calendar month, therefore we issue the certificate at the beginning of the month following the reporting one. For more information, see the Certificate Issue article.

We can send you a bill at any time. Text us to our Telegram bot or email account@chat2desk.com for billing. If it is your first bill, be ready to provide your taxpayer ID for registration.


I have not received the bill by email. What to do?

We send bills to your administrator email and additional emails you specify. If you cannot find bills in your email:

  • Check Spam.
  • Contact us to make sure that you check the correct email. If we send bills to wrong emails, let us know in our Telegram bot or by email account@chat2desk.com.
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