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Web analytics

Where do I set it up?

Go to section Settings > Web analytics

How does Web analytics work?

The system tracks the URL from which the client has launched the messenger widget and which UTM-mark he or she has clicked to write the message. This information is useful for marketers tracking the sources of leads.

Web analytics (URL and UTM tracking) works with all messengers: WhatsApp, Viber (numeric, public, business), Telegram, Facebook*, VKontakte, Online Chat and others.

URL and UTM tracking setting up:

  • Save client’s URL in card field - after activation of the option the URL will be saved in the selected field in the client card.
  • Save client’s  UTM in card field - after activation the option UTM will be saved in the selected field in the client's card.
  • Show client’s URL in chat every time it is changed - if enabled, every new URL will be displayed in chat as a service message.

You can see the results of the leads tracking in the Dashboard section.

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