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How does Chat2Desk analytics work?


The Reports section allows you to analyze the work of the chat center. It contains 3 sub-sections: Dashboards, General reports and Extended reports.

Reports in Chat2Desk are divided into 2 categories: collected in real time and calculated once a day. The following data is collected in real time:

  • number of messages - in total and by operators;
  • the number of messages received through specific messengers;
  • the number of clients who have written to certain messengers.

These data can be found in Extended reports section.

Aggregated statistics is calculated once a day. Based on it, you can export reports by:

  • reaction time and total processing time;
  • the number of messages, clients and requests;
  • operator actions;
  • client scores;
  • other parameters.

Statistics is updated at 1 a.m. according to your local time. If you see a message that the statistics is not calculated, please contact us via the widget on the website.

The basis of aggregated statistics are requests.

A request is a fragment of a dialog with a client, consisting of one or more messages. As a rule, the request begins with the first message of the client and ends with the closure of the dialogue. If the client or the operator will write in the closed dialogue, it will be considered as the new request. The administrator can enable display of requests in chats in the section Settings > Requests and Tags section.

Time indicators in the aggregated statistics are always specified in seconds.

An extended description of aggregated statistics is available in the section Reports - General reports > Aggregated statistics.

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