How to connect Google Analytics?

Google Analytics (GA)

1. Install a Google Analytics “gtag” counter - Universal analytics will not work. gtag must be installed via Google Tag Manager .

2. log in to Chat2Desk as an administrator. Enable sending information to GA in the section Settings > Web analytics and fill in the Tracking ID and Special Parameter Index values.

A) The Tracking ID is the Google Analytics ID. To find it:

  • Sign in to your GA account;
  • click Admin;
  • select a resource and an account in the appropriate columns;
  • In the section Property, click Tracking info > Tracking Code; your tracking ID (Google Analytics ID) will be displayed.

B) The special parameter index is the Custom Dimension ID. To create a special parameter:

  • login to your GA account;
  • click Administrator;
  • select a resource and an account in the appropriate columns;
  • in the Resource section, click Custom definitions > Custom Dimensions;

  • click + New Custom Dimension;

  • enter a name, select the Hit, and click Create;

  • the created parameter is displayed in the New Custom Dimension. The index is located in the second column.

3. In reports, select the created option as an additional option. Filter the traffic by this option to see the result of the tracking operation. The corresponding column will display the name of the messenger through which the client has sent the message.


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