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Most graduates do not work in their specialty. There is still an attitude that education is needed for the sake of appearance, to have a diploma, or for parents. Former students prefer to try themselves in various fields, choose the most interesting ones, and develop in them. This reason along with COVID-19 contribute to the fact that online education remains popular and the number of schools is growing.

The online education market grew by nearly 14% in 2022, and online schools, that are focused on practice, have been competing with universities. This includes the cost of a semester. Therefore, just like the decision on higher education, the decision to purchase an online course is not impulsive.

This means it is not enough to describe course benefits, provide a detailed program, and run traffic to the website. It is necessary to work with the audience at each stage of the funnel and bring target users to the deal. The only thing left to do is to get the contacts of the users and make sure that they are target leads.

Chatbots help increase the number of collected qualified leads by an average of 40%. Let us describe it by stages:

  1. Stage 1. Launch a chatbot and add a widget to the website. Before engaging a user, provide them with a convenient communication channel.
  2. Stage 2. Compose various chatbot messages for each course. For example, let the page of the Zero Frontend Developer program offer to sign up for an introductory webinar about IT career or programming languages.
  3. Stage 3. User qualification and segmentation. Use the self-service menu to determine the customer’s level and area of interest and to automatically assign a tag.
  4. Stage 4. Bringing to the deal. Now start leading the user through the funnel. For example, a webinar → manager call → promo message → purchase.

What Chat2Desk tools and mechanics will also be useful for online education:

  • Quiz. Where else to apply game mechanics if not in online education? It’s a win-win: the audience have fun figuring out how many iterations they need to become the coolest kittens in the universe, while you get more data and contacts to make the most customized and accurate offers.
  • Integration with CRMs. Work with contacts for a long time using all channels. Offer discounts via messengers, e-mail digests of useful materials, or use phone calls to ask if everything was clear at a webinar. It is convenient when the entire information is available in a card, and you do not have to go to the base to see the lifetime value.

Read our case study of the marketing agency Townsend and marketing academy MAED for a detailed explanation of how to attract potential students to webinars and collect applications for training in an online university.

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