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The healthcare and laboratory diagnostics are among the most strictly regulated business areas. Apart from the required compliance with standards and a high level of responsibility to patients, the medical market is very competitive. It is important not only to deliver reliable test results and diagnostics in a timely manner, but also to increase customer loyalty by, for example, quick request processing and a variety of convenient communication channels.

A chat center and messengers will help reduce the waiting time of customers and evenly distribute the request flow across channels. In the future, chatbots in other communication channels, such as WhatsApp and Telegram, can be additionally connected. Which options will be particularly useful:

  • Website widget. It helps increase the customer base. When texting to a company via the website widget, customers leave their contact data.
  • Self-service menu. When opening a chat window, a message with basic information and a suggestion to learn more by clicking on a button appear in the chat. Thus, customers themselves can find out prices, opening hours, or even examination results. An operator is not required.
  • Write First option. If a customer does not show up on the appointed day or forgets to pick up the test results, this option can be used as a reminder and push the customer for the target action.
  • Templates. Prepared texts for quick answers to chat questions. Instead of texting detailed explanations each time, an operator can use templates to save time and process more requests.

What results can be achieved with Chat2Desk:

  • Reduce response time and increase the speed of service.
  • Get rid of queues on the line and distribute requests evenly across all channels.
  • Increase the number of requests received via messengers by more than twice in just one year.

What other Chat2Desk tools can be useful in the field of health, medicine, and laboratory diagnostics:

  • Integration with other services, for example, analytics ones to find out a channel with most requests converted into visits or a CRM to see the entire lifetime value.
  • Tags. They help segment a large base and ease the work at funnel stages. There is no need to return to the chat to see who needs to be called and whose deal is closed.
  • Scripts. They are called by specified actions to perform tasks automatically. For example, the action “bot has not responded to chat message” can automatically connect an operator.
  • Aggregated statistics. It makes it possible to analyze incoming traffic by messengers and to evaluate operator workload and feedback from customers.

Our case studies in the field of medicine:

  • Gemotest has introduced a chat center and set up a widget and a self-service menu to serve customers three times faster.
  • A WhatsApp chatbot confirms 60% of appointments without calling: a case study of the Klinika Fomina chain of clinics.
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