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Once, people were reluctant to go online. But over time, the misunderstanding and distrust of online services and shopping have come to naught. It has become normal to order goods online, and online shopping has grown into an individual concept and even transformed into another stress relief method.

Ecommerce is one of the most competitive business areas. Be it books, electronics, or personal items, those who work through each funnel stage have most customers. But how to work if the product is complex and not user-friendly and website visitors are not immediately ready to communicate with a manager? How to deal with abandoned carts, not inflating the advertising budget?

It is much easier to start leading a user through the funnel if they have left a contact. And a chatbot can help motivate them. How Chat2Desk addresses ecommerce pain points:

  • Engage customers and get contacts. Customers will be able to ask clarifying questions in a channel they find convenient, and a well-written welcome message or a self-service menu will help figure things out or draw a user into a chat.
  • Distribute requests by departments and structure support. A self-service menu not only solves a customer’s question without an operator, but also directs it immediately to the right employee, i.e., to sales, returns, or other departments.
  • Categorize the base and work more precisely. Automatic tag assignment by target actions will allow you to customize offers for your audience better. For example, those who asked questions in the chat will be offered to sign up for a demo.
  • Increase website conversion. Automated lead generation and warming chains set up with sales funnels can increase conversion to orders by an average of three times.
  • The chatbot works while you rest. Integrate your chatbot with a CRM, set up an automatic response, and collect requests even on weekends to process them during working hours.
  • Retain and win back customers. You can set up your chatbot in an entertaining format, such as a quiz. While users are figuring out which colors best reflect their characters or which software would be suitable for a particular problem, they get involved in the mechanics and leave their contacts. It becomes more likely that they return to make a purchase. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to take too much time. Chat2Desk specialists recommend 5–6 questions.

With the help of Chat2Desk tools, website visitors make on average 83% more purchases if they had previous chat conversations.

Balance is important in everything, including automation. It is essential not to bore potential customers with pop-up windows at each stage, and to connect an operator in time if an issue cannot be resolved independently.

Our case studies: 

  • Experience the success story of “Meat Cult”, a Voronezh-based restaurant specializing in burgers and street food delivery. We revitalized their e-commerce approach and effectively tackled the issue of abandoned carts by seamlessly synchronizing the product catalog with messaging platforms.
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