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Few business areas do not feel economic turmoil. But the construction market is lucky in a way. Many people consider real estate as the most reliable investment and prefer concrete to currency in crisis situations. Development companies are not afraid of falling, but it does not mean that sitting back and waiting for requests is a good strategy.

Apartment purchases or even rents are not impulsive one-touch deals. Everyone has their own selection criteria, but if a person has already spent some time on the website to view the layouts, neighborhood, and other information on the real estate object, they are probably considering a purchase in the near future. It is necessary to work with such an audience by stirring its interest or offering a site visit or mortgage interest calculation. The only thing left to do is to get contacts.

The main problem of developers is a small conversion to requests on the websites. It is easy to solve this problem. Give a customer a reason to leave their contact data and make communication as convenient as possible.

What Chat2Desk tools are useful for construction companies:

  • Website widget. Make it possible for potential customers to contact you in a channel that is convenient for them. It is easier to clarify missing details about the real estate or even make an appointment to view the apartment right on the website.
  • Chatbots. Housing is different, people have different needs, and website pages are different as well, meaning that scenarios cannot be identical. For example, use the apartment complex page to display a message with an offer to view layouts or select the terms of purchase and let the promo page have a chat to offer help with mortgage calculation.
  • Self-service menu. It helps save operators’ resources and distribute the incoming flow of customers to respective departments.
  • Tags. Categorize customers and work in a more customized way. For example, send offers for a particular neighborhood to those who were interested in it and offer suitable objects to those who would like to use their maternity capital.

All of this will help increase conversion to leads by an average of 70%.

In addition to the basic functions, we recommend construction companies to integrate with CRMs as well. First, it is useful to see the entire lifetime value in a chat, i.e., whether customers bought real estate before and what amounts they spent. Second, the more information on the audience you know, the easier it is to sell – see person’s selection criteria and neighborhoods of interest. Through a continuous work with the base, you will turn potential customers into real ones. 

Read our case study to find out how the marketing agency INDIGO DIGITAL&MARKETING has managed to reactivate the almost lost base of inactive customers of the Donskoy cottage village using a Chat2Desk-built chatbot.

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