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Логотип Chat2Desk

New format for extended reports

  • All extended reports with table view can be downloaded in CSV format.

  • To increase performance some table view reports with large amount of data will be available only in CSV format and could not be exported as XLSX.

For example, Message list report or All agreg. stat. data.

Integrations with Chat2Desk

To enhance integration options several improvements were implemented:

  1. iFrame for Chat2Desk agent interface is supported.
  2. New parameter domain_urls is added to API-method companies/api_info (GET).

This parameter contains an array of URLs that address to user interface making the system accessible to operators of the particular account (depends on server geolocation and other account settings).


This link can be composed, using parameter domain_urls like that: [domain_url] + `/chat/all?dialogID=` + [dialogID]

  1. Redirection to the particular URL in Chat2Desk user interface after operator authorization.


  • Unauthorized user follows a link to a particular dialog — https://web.chat2desk.com/chat/all?dialogID=11;
  • The user enters credentials to a login form;
  • After a successful authorization the user is redirected to the particular dialog.

Previously the user would be redirected to the main page in this case.

API: Error resposes

Error responses for all API-methods are unified.

If an error occurs, API response contains 2 main parameters:

  • message – type of an error;
  • errors – detailed description of the problem occured.



    "message": "bad_request",

    "errors": {

        "tag_group_id": [

            "Tags group with id #1111 not found or does not belong to your company"



    "status": "error"



    "message": "not_found",

    "errors": "Dialog #1111 not found",

    "status": "error"


Other enhancements

  • Content of a single dialog can be now exported in PDF format, as well as TXT and JSON.
  • By default, templates are called from text input by typing dash in the beginning of the phrase. A new setting allows templates to be suggested automatically when typing the first word.


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