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In this release, we have added a new feature: Tickets.

Ticket system is a new tool that allows you to combine several similar requests into one called a ticket. It is also possible to put an issue that lasts for various requests into one task.

A ticket is a customer's registered request to technical support, a request for help or advice. For example, it can be a question about delivery, a report about an error on the site or a request to return a purchase.

Tickets allow you to follow up on issues that affect multiple customers or take more time than a typical request.

A Ticket button is now available in the interface of the chat window when starting and ending a request.

If you press the button, you can create a new ticket or add a request to an existing ticket.

When creating a ticket, you need to fill in the fields:

  • Title is the name of the ticket.
  • Description is detailed information about an issue. It is displayed in the general table of tickets.

  • Priority. There are three priorities: Minor, Normal, Major.
  • Assign an operator allows you to choose an operator to be responsible for the ticket.
  • Deadline selects the deadline date for the ticket.
  • Requests. Here, you can specify the numbers of requests that will be added to the ticket. When creating a ticket from the chat window, this field is filled in automatically.
  • Status. There are 4 statuses in total: To do, In progress, Waiting, Closed.

All tickets will be displayed in a single table.

You can also customize access to view and manage tickets for your operators and supervisors in the Security and access rights section.

Custom background generation of reports and history of uploaded reports

In this update, it is now possible to upload large reports without having to wait for the upload on the active tab. Previously, this created limitations. You had to keep the tab open and active, and split large reports into several small ones.

The option works only for uploading reports as .xlsx and .csv files.

Reports will be saved in the new Generated Reports subsection.

“Write First” for the external channel

News for those who use the Write First option: it is now supported for external channel beyond WhatsApp, Telegram, and Viber.

For full operation, you will need to connect the Write First option and an external channel in trial or standard mode.

Instead of a phone number, you will need to enter the customer ID in the messenger or app of your choice.

Email notifications about changes in chat center settings

In order to keep you always informed about changes in account settings or technical information about the chat center operation, emails will be sent to the administrator's email notifying about the following events:

  • company token API change;
  • URL change for webhook from messengers Telegram, VK, Instagram API;
  • changing the administrator password and login;
  • password change for operators and supervisors;
  • disabling IP filter for login and API;
  • enabling access for tech support.

Self-disabling of 2FA by operators

Previously, administrators, supervisors, and operators could enable two-factor authentication (2FA), but could not turn it off on their own.

Users can now disable 2FA themselves in their account. This is so that they can use the chat center if something goes wrong.

When an operator disables 2FA, they need to enter the OTP code (which is the 2FA) to confirm the action. If the code is entered correctly, the option is disabled for that account.

Configuring Outlook/Office365 mail service

Previously, you may have experienced problems connecting mail via Outlook/Office365, which was due to the fact that Microsoft has abandoned the standard type of authorization for their services and switched to a more complex one.

Thanks to the enhancement for Outlook/Office365, we have added the ability to set the right settings when you connect the mail service so that you stay in touch with your customers.

Number of unread chats on a browser tab

We've added a new chat notification view: the tab now displays the number of unread chats from the My Chats section.

Notifications about unread chats do not need to be separately configured or enabled, all Chat2Desk users have them by default.

Source file names in messages for numeric WhatsApp

Numeric WhatsApp used to not transmit the original file names for incoming and outgoing messages. We have changed the mechanism for handling attachments, and now files are saved with their original names.

They are written in the original_file_name parameter. If a message has the audio, document, image, video type, then its original name will be passed to this parameter. This prevents files from being renamed automatically when sending and receiving messages.

Webhook triggering when operator status changes in Chat2Desk

Two new events can now be added to the webhook:

  • operator_status_changed. It causes the webhook to be triggered after the operator's status in Chat2Desk changes.

Example of an event:


  "id": "2325532",

  { "email": "operator_email@mail.com",

  "online": 0,

  "offline_type": "busy",

  }, "status_id": 1,

  "hook_type": "operator_status_updated",

  "event_time": "2023-01-25T09:40:12.518169Z"


  • operator_authentication_updated. It causes the webhook to be triggered after the operator has logged in or logged out of the service.

Example by login:


  "id": 40818,

  { "email": "operator_email@mail.com",

  { "event": { "login",

  "platform": "web"/"mobile".

  "event_time": "2023-01-25T09:40:12.518169Z",

  "hook_type": "operator_authentication_updated",

  { "ip_address": ""


Example by logout:


  "id": 40818,

  { "email": "operator_email@mail.com",

  { "event": { "logout",

  "platform": "web"/"mobile".

  "event_time": "2023-01-25T09:40:12.518169Z",

  "hook_type": "operator_authentication_updated",

  { "ip_address": ""


This data will be useful for building reports and further automation in external systems without consuming the free package of API requests.

Display message status in the webhook event “outbox_status”

The outbox_status event will send to the webhook not only information about sending errors, but also the statuses of messages that are supported by the messenger.

Possible message statuses:

  • Pending (1): waiting for the message to be sent;
  • Sent (2): the message has been sent to the addressee;
  • Failed (3): error in sending the message;
  • Scheduled (4): the message is scheduled to be sent (used in email);
  • Canceled (5): the message has been canceled (used in email);
  • Delivered (6): the sent message has been delivered to the recipient. Supported in numbered WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business API and Viber Public;
  • Seen (7): the sent message has been delivered and has been read. Supported in Instagram API, numbered WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business API and Viber Public.

This is necessary in order to display message sending statuses in third-party systems connected to Chat2Desk via API.

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