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Donskoy, a Rostov-on-Don cottage village developer, contacted the IDM (Indigo Digital&Marketing) agency to get leads from a dormant customer database. 

In this case, we will explain, step by step, how IDM managed to implement a sales funnel on Telegram and WhatsApp to wake up inactive customers. All this was achieved using chatbots, one of the most efficient tools of Chat2Desk.


Chatbots as a tool to wake up customers

Creating a chatbot

Results of promotion in the messengers

Chatbot integration into the website

Chatbots make life easier for the sales department

Chatbots as a tool to wake up customers

The target is to increase the number of leads

The Indigo team analyzed the developer’s target audience and the existing customer service patterns. It turned out that the developer had a database of customers who had once been interested in the houses but had never purchased them for various reasons. There were several thousands of such contacts. It would be time-consuming and unprofitable to call through such a database, and success would not be guaranteed. Many people do not like to talk on the phone, can ignore the call, or hang up.

Indigo analyzed the situation again and identified five starting points.

  • There was a warm database of dormant customers, consisting of more than 1,000 potential customers
  • People have a bad perception of calls and prefer to chat in messengers.
  • It takes a long time to send the commercial proposal to each customer manually, plus you can get blocked. Besides, the manager can make a mistake. In order to avoid this, managers work in the Bitrix24 integration, where a customer database is already available.
  • In construction, images sell much better than plain text. In addition, you can set up an automated messaging of visual content.
  • You need something interactive to increase engagement.

All together, it leads to the need for a chatbot.

Its pros:

  • It works 24/7 and will address every customer request.
  • It can engage potential customers in conversation, warm them up with useful and interesting information, accept a request, or bring customers to the website.
  • It processes frequently asked questions from customers, therefore relieving the load from operators.
  • It can transfer a chat to an operator, who does not need to ask questions or find out customer’s needs, since the chatbot does it all for them.
  • It can identify potential leads – only interested customers will launch the bot. Their responses will allow you to determine the products of their interest.
  • It can further notify customers on new products and current offers.

Creating a chatbot

The process included two steps:

  1. Selecting content for the chatbot, i.e., the script, texts, and high-quality advertising videos about the cottage village itself, construction and its stages, technology, infrastructure, and service;
  2. Creating the bot itself.

Selecting content for the chatbot 

  1. First, it was necessary to choose a person who would be the one messaging. A developer’s key employee took on that role. The main task at that stage was to remind customers of the company and invite users to receive appealing content by launching a chatbot.
  2. Sales managers were contacted to clarify common reasons for rejections and claims.
  3. Miro built a chatbot model and outlined the flow with the main topics and branches.
  • Information on Donskoy;
  • Handling negativity and building loyalty.

When customers use the bot, they are free to determine the topics of interest. An option was added to sign up for a tour of the cottage village or for a consultation on each branch of the conditions. The script is designed so that the user does not have to leave their contact details. They can continue to use the bot if they do not want to leave any number.

If one of the menu items or branches collected too many messages, the customer could get irritated and the unsubscription rate could increase. In such cases shorteners were used, i.e. steps that allowed the customer to leave the current step after obtaining the required amount of information.

  1. A video concept was created.

There were two targets: to show the benefits of the product and to handle claims as early as before a conversation.

  1. 10 videos were shot with live feedback from Donskoy residents and employees.

A bot script was written. A friendly tone of voice was chosen, because that was the communication style of the manager, who had previously appeared in the video in front of customers. It fitted perfectly into the narrative.

The construction director was chosen as the character to handle claims. It helped increase customer trust in the bot content and the developer itself.

Since customers are people who value their time, the texts were specifically succinct and factual. Emoji were only used to draw attention to important text points and call to action. Chats were not too emotional. Customers drew their own conclusions.

  1. Videos were processed to meet the technical conditions of the sites and integrated into the chatbot scheme drawn earlier by Miro.

Developing a chatbot in Chat2Desk

After monitoring the market, IDM selected Chat2Desk because it fitted the following parameters:

  • Telegram and WhatsApp support;
  • Bitrix24 integration option;
  • Visual chatbot builder;
  • Support able to answer any question 24/7;
  • Price for the final solution.

A chatbot was developed in the Chat2Desk chatbot builder with the content collected at the previous step. When creating the bot, some blocks had to be reassembled, as they looked different on WhatsApp.

Telegram was preferred for bot launching due to unlimited messaging. In WhatsApp, for example, only the first thousand chats are free.

Besides, all chatbot data were transferred to the CRM to continue working with the customer.

Results of promotion in the messengers

Here is the resulting chatbot: https://t.me/Donskoy_kp_bot?start=start_PvBEvCYD

It has 10 funnels, 100+ images and videos, 300+ messages, and about 1,000 steps.

Initially, there were just under 2,000 user contacts from the developer’s database.

The chatbots identified 52 interested customers, who were later transferred to managers. The final conversion of the advertising campaign was 2.6%.

Most importantly, those were customers from the inactive base that the company almost lost. 

Chatbot integration into the website

After managers worked with customers from the dormant base, a chatbot widget was posted on the developer’s website. Then website visitors could open the widget themselves and launch the chatbot to learn about developer’s offers. As a result, the website conversion increased by 40%.

In the future, it is planned to integrate Bitrix24 with a chatbot that automatically sends a link to a chatbot to customers who have been assigned with a tag or status in the system.

It is also planned to create several chatbots for customers coming from contextual advertising. This should significantly increase the number of successful sales and decrease the rejection rate.

Chatbots make life easier for the sales department

Reducing the cost per lead, relieving the load from the sales department, attracting new customers and returning old ones – all these tasks can be combined into a single competent promotion strategy using chatbots. The Indigo’s results show that this strategy will be efficient even in the most complicated situations. So do not be afraid to innovate and try fresh approaches. Chat2Desk will help you. 

Chat2Desk has a set of options for any task: CRM integrations, chatbots, web analytics, scripts, etc. Text us via the widget in the lower right corner and describe your tasks. We will find the best solution.

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