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According to Forbes, only 50% of small businesses overcome a five-years milestone. The rest inevitably fails. Entrepreneurs must adjust to what client needs if they want to succeed.

First step is to move the communication to the most convenient place. The easiest way to get client’s attention is to create a contact center in messengers.

Five reasons to start using messengers today

  1. Two thirds of smartphone owners use messengers at least 5 times a day*.
  2. 65% of clients prefer messaging and in-person contact to calling*.
  3. Messaging is available day and night, at work, at home and on the go. Calling requires some preparation.
  4. E-mailing tends to be less rapid, whereas messengers provide immediate communication.
  5. Statista predicts that in 2021 almost 2,5 billion people in the world will be using instant messengers, which will be about one third of the whole planet population.

How does Chat2Desk contact center work?

  1. Client sends a message.
  2. The request is sent to a specially created chat center, which collects all incoming messages.
  3. Operators reply to clients.

The advantage of the contact center is that requests from each channel are processed in one window. All existing instant messengers, social networks, voice calls and even e-mail are connected to the software. Thus, you will reach as many clients as possible in a fast and efficient manner.

Automate and optimize

Requests can be processed by up to 1000 operators. But not every message requires a live contact. Automation optimizes contact center workflow by transferring typical requests to chat bots and scripts. This lowers the average response time without extra expenses.

Send business cards over messengers

The basic principle of sending business cards over messengers is simple. A client calls you and receives a message afterwards. This automated text offers to stay in contact. As a result, business gets an extra touch, plus the user can now easily contact you whenever needed.

Automated sales funnel

Automated sales funnels turn contact center into the sales department. After the first contact is established, you can start messaging the user, informing him or her about the personal discounts or sending useful pieces of information, such as price lists. This is the kind of thing you usually do via e-mail, but messengers provide you instant feedback to adjust to the client needs.  

Evaluate the quality

Constant analysis of actions and results is one of the keys to success. The contact center allows to configure the personalized statistics and invite clients to evaluate their level of satisfaction after the request has been solved.

The ratings help identify your weaknesses in message processing and improve the quality of service. Ultimately, this will positively affect customer loyalty.

Start using your contact center for free

We offer a demo mode which allows you to get acquainted with the interface and evaluate the functions of the contact center. Contact us to register.


*according to Google

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