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A telephone conversation is a convenient means to contact a customer for the first time. But it does not guarantee long-term success at the contemporary pace of life. Meet the WhatsApp Business Card – a tool which turns a one-time call into regular contact.


  1. Whats is a WhatsApp Business Card and when to use it?
  2. Why does a Business Card work?
  3. How to set up a WhatsApp Business Card
  4. Business Card and CTA buttons
  5. How much does a WhatsApp Business Card cost
  6. Test it yourself

What is a WhatsApp Business Card and When to use It?

A WhatsApp Business Card means specialized messaging in the most popular messenger in the world*. It allows you to establish regular contact with customers who just talked to you on the phone.

WhatsApp Business Card


When is this function helpful?

Example 1

You make calls through a cold customer base but bring potential purchasers to sales via messengers. After a call, you want to transfer the communication to another channel, therefore the system automatically distributes messages

“Good afternoon! This is Alex, a sales manager of YouNeedIt. We just talked on the phone about connecting the Unbelievable service. Let’s continue our conversation here. If you have any questions, write them here.”

Example 2

A customer calls you to know whether a goods or a service is available. After consultation, they receive a WhatsApp message

“Good afternoon! This is Caesar Ed Company. If you have any additional questions on purchasing the Multitasking Development webinar, please contact us via the telephone number XXX-XX-XX or this dialogue.”

Example 3

A customer calls you but hears a busy tone and hangs up. They immediately receive a WhatsApp message

“Good afternoon! You have just called us. Please write your question here and the operator will answer it as soon as they are available.”

Why Does a Business Card Work?

First, one of WhatsApp Business Card’s advantages is the messenger used for message distribution. WhatsApp is used by 2 billion people in the world*.

Second, a WhatsApp Business Card relieves the call center of part of its work accelerating request processing and making it more efficient. It is especially important when a customer contacts the support regularly. While a telephone operator handles one call, a chat center agent handles four simultaneous dialogues.

Third, you do not lose a customer if they cannot get through or are too tired to wait on hold.

Forth, you stay in the customer’s information field. They do not need to google how to contact you. It is enough to look through the chat history and leave a message.

Finally, you work for loyalty. According to Google’s studies**, 65% of customers prefer writing to companies rather than calling them. By offering a comfortable means of contacting the company, you fit into the daily lives of your customers and strengthen trust.

How to Set Up a WhatsApp Business Card

It is easy to create a WhatsApp Business Card in several steps.

Important! You can freely initiate messaging only via WhatsApp Business API. By connecting it, your account will be protected against blocking and your customer base will not be lost.

1. Analyse situations in which you need a WhatsApp Business Card, and write a text. Consider main restrictions — messages shall not contain advertisement or questions aimed at direct selling.

2. Connect HSM templates, i.e. standardized messages allowed by WhatsApp Inc. to be freely distributed to customers. Submit the texts for approval. Chat2Desk will help you with the process. It usually takes 2 or 3 days to approve templates and then messages appear in our system.

3. Connect the Scripts function to Chat2Desk in order to set up messaging by a certain trigger, for example, upon a conversation with a customer you have not communicated with in messengers yet. Out programmers will help you write a script.

4. Well done! Your WhatsApp Business Card is set up.

Business Card and CTA Buttons

There will be more responses to a WhatsApp Business Card if you encourage customers to continue communication. To this end, WhatsApp has added call to action buttons which are part of HSM templates. You cannot send them separately — they are part of a message.

CTA Buttons

How to Use This Function

  • As a call to action — “We just talked on the phone. Do you want to see our price list? Go to the website.”
  • As an interactive dialogue — “We received your call when we were not able to answer. Can we contact you again? Yes/No.”

In order to set up buttons, submit a necessary template to Chat2Desk. We will send the information to the provider and let you know when it is approved. We will shortly make it possible to set up buttons by yourselves in the provider’s profile.

How Much Does a WhatsApp Business Card Cost?

Let us calculate a basic monthly fee for a WhatsApp Business Card taking into account all options required to ensure its proper functioning.


WhatsApp Business API for one number

€/$ 120/mo

WhatsApp Business API is paid in advance for three months

Incoming and outgoing 24-hour conversations

The price depends on Facebook* rates in Euro. The final cost consists of the prices stipulated on this page.

Minimal deposit

A deposit is a sum of money on your account. It is used to pay for incoming and outgoing WhatsApp Business API conversations.

The deposit is not tied to a calendar. Unspent funds are carried over to the next month.


Scripts module

€/$ 20/mo

You can get a discount if you pay in advance:

  • 3 months — 10%;
  • 6 months — 15%;
  • 12 months — 20%.
Single payment for installation and configuration from €/$ 130

Test It Yourself

A business card is the most basic means of establishing contact with customers. Business digitalization dictates its terms. Therefore, it is about time to create an Internet equivalent of your paper business card.

You can try WhatsApp Business Card. Call the number +7 (812) 385-75-20. The call will be skipped and you will get a message on your WhatsApp. In that very chat you can talk to our managers about purchasing this option.


* According to Messenger People

** According to Google

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