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Instead of doing the same routine over and over again, a marketer can automate the process and go eat a bagel. A program will finish the work instead.

It becomes even better when a program can sell by itself. And does it so well that a consumer falls into the sales funnel, gets a dozen of touches and happily announces: “I’m taking it”.

You can teach a computer do all that by using an automated messenger funnel.

What is it?

Messenger funnel is a prewritten script is used to heat up a client and get him or her from the very first touch to the completed purchase. Let’s divide this process into 5 steps.

Step 1: The Hook. Offer something valuable yet free to the website visitors in exchange for the subscription.

Step 2: The Acquaintance. A person leaves the website but starts getting useful info from the company.

Step 3: The Test. After a few letters, when some loyalty is created, offer a client a decent product at a special price. It should be small, so that a client would definitely be willing to buy.

Step 4: The Purpose. After all previous steps are completed, a person, probably without even realizing, became a client. And this makes it so much simpler to sell the main product. So go for it!

Step 5, The Return. We remember it’s easier to sell anything to a loyal client than to a new one, right? So, work on loyalty: offer personal discounts, special service terms, free webinars and so on.

Messenger funnels are technically the offsprings of email marketing funnels. We all are familiar with the idea of a pop-up on a website offering to leave an e-mail in exchange of something useful. Change a channel, and you get a messenger funnel. The concept remains the same, although there are some alterations in the process.

Why emails don’t work anymore

Everyone uses emails, you might say. That’s indeed true, we need an email to sign in pretty much everywhere. Yet email marketing is not that effective. Why?

Average open rate in email marketing is around 30%. It’s possible to get it to 60%, but that take tons of effort, huge experience and a really good client base.  At the same time it is difficult to get a feedback over email. If a user doesn’t like the mailing, most probably he or she will just press “Unsubscribe”, leaving marketer wondering what went wrong.

Enter messengers

Messengers exist much less than emails, but they are already used by 2 billion people, and the number grows. On the top of that, the communication here is more effective: the average open rate is about 80-90, which is 3 times more than in email marketing.

Messenger funnels are more dynamic. After a client received a message he or she can text back and get an instant reply. Or you can have all incoming messages analyzed so that a program would know how to respond.

Here’s an example. Mike and Ann subscribed to a funnel on the same day. But Ann got paid earlier this month, whereas Mike decided to go to Bali instead and didn’t hit “Buy” button. The program will analyze both situations, send Ann a link to payment, and Mike will keep receiving warming messages.  

Why should I use Chat2Desk to create auto funnels?

  • Our funnels work in biggest messengers worldwide.
  • We can create invoices right out of funnels.
  • We make messenger funnels on a turn-key basis.

Final advice

If you want to create a funnel scenario by yourself, here’s our final advice. Assume that to each one of your offers a client says “yes”. This will help to create a basic idea of how a funnel might work. You will be able to implement it straight away and make corrections on the go.

Message us to configure messenger funnels. Get new leads and turn them into customers.

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