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Business has enemies. They are competitors, hackers, or company’s own employees. Every company risks its data and its customers’ data. How to use Chat2Desk to avoid future conflicts and summons? Let us figure it out.


  1. What problems can arise
  2. How Chat2Desk ensures security
  3. Rules for safe work in Chat2Desk

What problems can arise?

It does not matter what channels you use for communication with your customers — messengers, email, Chat2Desk, or telephone. You deal with customers’ personal data and money. So, you have to be as careful as possible. Therefore, if you do not observe safety measures, you will likely encounter problems described below.

You will break the law

Personal data in Russia are protected by law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data.” If you break this law and customers’ personal information is disclosed to third parties, you will be fined up to RUB 6 million. If violations entail consequences, you will be punished for them too.

You will be hacked

Personal data that you store or transfer can leak to ill-wishers. They will find what to do with the information, from spamming to blackmailing you and your customers.

You will lose money

Payment documents and withdrawal links that you exchange with your customers can be stolen by fraudsters. Then the addressee will not receive money.

You will lose customers

Poor security = poor reliability. Users will not be able to trust a business that has security problems. Therefore, they will probably abandon you.

How Chat2Desk ensures security

Technical features

  • Your account passwords are stored in encrypted form. We do not have access to them. Therefore, your accounts are safe. Our support employee will only be able to connect to your account for setup with your consent.
  • Data are transferred using the HTTPS protocol, that encrypts the information and ensures a secure connection.

Settings within the system

  • Three access levels

The administrator with full permissions along with the supervisor and the operator whose permissions are set up individually.

  • Security and access rights setup

It is available only to the Administrator. Here they can set up access to Chat2Desk functions for supervisors and operators — editing dashboards, creating sales funnels and chatbots, setting up auto-assignment of chats, blacklist, and other settings.

  • Content filter

Chat2Desk allows for prohibiting sending or receiving attachments, images, audio and video messages, files, or web links. It is necessary to prevent employees from sending something odd accidentally or intentionally.

  • IP filtration

You can allow access to the system for certain IP addresses. For example, only office appliances or remote employees’ computers.

  • Access for support

If an error has occurred in your account, you can open access for support. Our operators will enter your account and fix everything. For security reasons, enable this option only during the works.


Rules for safe work in Chat2Desk

Set a strong password

You chat with customers and store personal data with payment information in Chat2Desk. Create a complex password or use a password generator on the Internet. Regularly change current passwords of the administrator, operators, and supervisors. To do it, go to Administrator in the upper right corner > Account > Change password.

Restrict access by IP address

It will enhance the password effect. Even if an attacker discovers the password of the administrator, an operator, or a supervisor, they will not enter your account. You can pay for dedicated IP addresses, provide them to your employees, and give permissions in your account.

Install a VPN

A VPN will help if your employees are remote or as far as in another city. It is a virtual private network that can be accessed only by those who have a key and a password. You can limit the whitelist to your office address alone. Then employees will receive exactly this address when connecting to the VPN. Thus, they will securely connect to the network and you will know who and when connected to the VPN, as well as their locations.

Sign an NDA with your employees

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is a document that cannot guarantee complete security but can discourage an employee from disclosing your trade secrets.

Change the API token

An employee who has access to the API token can quit one day. But they will be able to use the token for their own purposes. You can manually generate a new API token in Chat2Desk settings.

Distribute rights

Operators and supervisors have different access levels. A new employee can accidentally (or not) press a wrong button and disturb system settings.

Use an official account

Facebook uses end-to-end encryption for WhatsApp Business API. It means that messages are available only to chat participants. Therefore, such connection ensures chat security. In order to connect an official account, text us via the widget in the lower right corner.

Be careful

Do not send payment information, passport details, and other confidential data and do not accept them from customers. Various persons can have access to chats, and dishonest employees can withdraw money faster than the recipient. In this case it is better to DM managers or accountants.

Use the In-House solution

If you work in the cloud, your customers and chats are stored on Chat2Desk servers. With In-House a ready infrastructure is transferred to your servers under your control. We will assist you with installation and provide support. Refer to this article for detailed advantages of the In-House solution.

Remember about protection

Do not forget about your business security. A trouble can occur at any time, when it is least expected, so it is better to be ready. Follow our recommendations and minimize threats to your business.

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