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Processing of Instagram* inquiries using your smartphone is ancient history. It is time to leave the stone age behind and create a chat center where comments and Direct messages are processed in a single window.

Lead processing on Instagram*

The social network has recently introduced a new feature the prices are now indicated right inside the post. This proves that the media seeks to maximise business adaptation. It seems that this is the best time to start working on Instagram*. But what if your smartphone cannot handle the increasing traffic anymore? And you have it increasing, don't you?

Simplify your workflow

Right now Instagram* users can reply to Direct Messages either via the mobile app or using Facebook* business account. That is ok if you don't use other messengers or don't need any further options, such as chat bots and integration with Google Analytics. But when the business grows, the needs increase as well.

Chat2Desk, a platform for client communication via messengers, has found a way to combine messages from all instant messengers and social networks in a single window, accessible both from the computer and the smartphone.

How an Instagram* chat center works

A client sends a message to Direct messages or leaves a comment below a post. A new dialogue appears in the interface of the chat center, displaying the text of the message, the post where the comment was written, and a link to the post. After an operator replies, the client receives a response via the same channel, as if you were using the app.

You can connect up to 1000 operators to the chat center and limit their access rights for security reasons. Therefore, the number of leads that can be processed is almost unlimited.

Advantages of a chat center

  • You’ll never lose the client, all data is automatically saved to the client's profile, and you can find any dialogue by a nickname or keywords.
  • You'll never miss a message.
  • There is an auto-reply feature for handling common queries.
  • The service is available on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Due to the quick reaction to comments, users ask questions more often, and the algorithms raise your posts on the subscribers' feed.
  • Custom fields allow you to add all client's info that might be useful for future communication. It is also handy for mailings and bulk messaging.

Automate and reduce costs

If clients send similar messages ("How much does it cost? How can I order this shirt?"), save some time and money by letting the robot handle this type of requests. Chat bots are easy to configure even by yourself. To do this, you need to specify groups of keywords, and if the system detects any of them, it will reply with the ready-made messages.

Reuse the collected database

Messenger funnels can make your clients buy products without involving operators. You create sequences of informational messages and then send them one by one to the relevant audience.

Possible topics for messenger funnels:

  • promotions and discounts ("This week only: 25% of women T-shirts");
  • updates on the status of the specified topic ("Reminder: sale will start in 10 minutes");
  • new product announcements ("Check out our new eco-friendly collection!");
  • other information ("Do you want to see our price list?")

According to Chat2Desk researches, the sales funnel boost the conversion rate an average of 10-15%.

Get results now

Automation is a key to success. Automate your Instagram* conversions with Chat2Desk, it's easy and, most importantly, profitable. For details text us on any messenger, including Instagram*.

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