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Powerful functions of WhatsApp Business API will not work on their own. In order to prevent this tool from useless idling, it is important that customers are familiarized with the new communication channel. This Article proposes seven ways of how to transfer requests to online space and to forget about such an issue as lost customers.

1. Contacts Form Integration

The form containing contact details on the company’s website is the most obvious place where WhatsApp can be added to. Let a customer choose a more convenient way to order — by a call or a chat message. You will see that incoming calls decrease, while WhatsApp requests increase. Dialling, waiting for a free line, saying the order — all of this is unnecessary actions and wasted time. WhatsApp makes the purchase process as simple as a click.

 Contact form integration


2. WhatsApp Business Card

Set up a WhatsApp Business Card which will be sent to a caller’s messenger automatically. Text in the message that you thank the caller and propose to continue communication in WhatsApp. The customer will not have to search for your contact details because it is enough to write in the existing chat. Moreover, the customer gets into your contact base through receiving such a business card, and you will be able to continue the dialogue if the customer responds. You can also send an approved HSM template to start communication.

This is just one scenario of how WhatsApp Business Card works. In addition, you can set it up so that a customer receives it not only upon an outgoing call, but also upon any other event, for example, message sending, incoming call, or order readiness.


Contact Chat2Desk Support to set up a WhatsApp Business Card.

WhatsApp business card

3. Website Widget

The American company Nielsen Norman Group conducted a UX study and revealed that 79% of users merely looked through a page instead of reading every word. Keywords such as goods, functions, or prices catch an eye. While a user is looking through the website, they may have questions. But if they search for your contact details too long, their intention to ask will gradually disappear. A widget with messengers and online chat will be suitable in this situation. It is clearly visible and hard to miss.

For the sake of website visitors’ convenience, set up the widget so that it is not fixed on one page. Then users will not have to return to the start using bread crumbs. You will collect a base of widget users, while Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics will show web pages with the highest conversion. The data acquired can be used for your future purposes, for example, messaging, contextual advertising, or targeted advertising.


Set up a widget via Chat2Desk, select messengers, and add a free online chat.

Website widget

4. Links in Social Networks

Transfer customers from social networks to WhatsApp. Add a wa.me link or a QR code to your pages in Facebook*, VK, or Odnoklassniki so that it is easier for users to go to the dialogue. By the way, you can put a special button with a WhatsApp link right under the cover of your Facebook* page.

Links in social networks


QR Codes

5. Label with a QR Code

Think of yourself as a customer and analyze what they pay attention to — the shop’s front door, display window, cash desk, or packaging. Place a QR code with a link to your WhatsApp there so that a customer sees that they can easily contact you and save your company’s contact details. A good way to attract a customer is to grant a discount for the first order by the code.

This is what the Korean store Emart did. In 2012, the company made a statue of a QR code which cast a shadow in the daytime. Users scanned the code, went to WhatsApp, and got a discount for an online order. Results came quickly. The customer base of Emart increased by 58%, while the number of daytime customers by 25%.

 Label with a QR code


6. Receipt with a QR Code

Make feedback simple. Add a QR code to a receipt so that a customer knows how to contact you if they have any questions or complaints. By doing so, you will be able to assess special characteristics of every purchaser and develop a post-sale service strategy. Is you set up feedback processing correctly, you will gain customer trust and improve such indicators as the CRR (Customer Retention Rate) and the LTV (Lifetime Value).

Receipt with a QR code


7. QR Code in Printed Advertisement

Analyze publications — newspapera and magazines. Their audiences may include your customers who do not know about your product yet. Add advertisement containing a QR code with a link to your WhatsApp to two-page openings of printed publications. Readers will only have to scan the code to get into a chat with an operator.

QR code in printed advertisement


Right Approach

It is not enough to connect WhatsApp Business API and wait until it starts to bring customers to you. Advertising a new communication channel means a lot of work which requires a structural approach and some creativity. Before requests fall thick and fast, it is important to conduct a smart marketing campaign. Then the funds will be recouped allowing you to use all capabilities of WhatsApp Business API.


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